Unbind Him -

Apr. 9

This is the story of Lazarus. Before Jesus rose from the dead on Easter morning, He called His friend Lazarus out of the tomb and back from the dead. Lazarus came out with his graveclothes still on. Jesus commanded those around him to unbind him and let him free. Jesus has granted us new life; we act as though we are still dead. Jesus has gained us forgiveness; we act as though we are still condemned. Jesus has gained eternal life; we act as though this life is all there is. In many different ways, we wear the graveclothes of the dead even after the Lord has called us into new life. Some say Christianity is a straightjacket, but Jesus says to Unbind Him. In Jesus’ resurrection, the graveclothes and spices and ointments are all left behind in the tomb. This is one of the evidences of the resurrection as a supernatural event. How did Jesus get out of those wrappings and 70 pounds of ointments and waxes? Why would a grave robber or body snatcher take all that off and leave it behind? Jesus was resurrected from the dead and we can believe it. Jesus’ resurrection proves that as we believe in Him, we too are freed and released. You can be unbound.
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