What We Believe

First Pres is an Evangelistic, Reformed Presbyterian Church

Our official name “First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs” doesn’t really tell the whole story of who we are today. It sounds like it belongs to another era in history. But in the 1870’s when this church began, it was an exciting gift to give a city to say: here is the First outpost of the Presbyterian church in the new city of Colorado Springs!

That name may not speak with the same relevance today, but the mission continues for First Pres. We are a community of believers, following Jesus, devoted to God, and looking to help others to know and worship Him for eternal life. Loved by Jesus, we want to love our city. We are still excited to be a gift to our city in Jesus’ name. We know Jesus can change lives and the truth of the Gospel changes everything.


A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians

We are part of and accountable to a larger church body in the Presbyterian tradition. First Pres is part of ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians, which aims to build flourishing churches that make disciples of Christ.

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Essential Tenets

All of our leaders submit to a common expression of Christian faith that is in the evangelical and reformed stream. Every elder or deacon, including all pastors, declare agreement with our Essential Tenets. Our church recognizes a number of historical creeds and confessions. Our theology and teaching follow faithfully in concert with the Nicene Creed, Apostles Creed, Heidelberg Catechism, Westminster Standards, and the Barmen Declaration. Read Translations + Versions.

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General Questions

Yes. When you become a member, you’ll receive encouragement, support and correction as Jesus promises to those who share spiritual fellowship. You’ll grow more Christ-like together in Christian community and discover your unique place in a common mission in God’s story. Members also become eligible to serve in leadership positions such as ministry teams and elected officer roles. 

We celebrate both infant and adult baptism as a way of receiving people into the family of faith here at First Pres. When someone is baptized, the congregation promises to receive that person into fellowship and to walk with them in such a way that they will be continually surrounded by Christian love and care.

Adult baptism is a way for someone who has professed faith in Christ to publicly declare that faith. Adult baptism is often celebrated when an adult who has not previously been baptized becomes a covenant partner at First Pres. 

Infant baptism (up to age 3) symbolizes inclusion in the family of God. We celebrate that God's sovereign grace moves toward us first—often before we are able to understand. When believing Christian parents baptize their children, they promise—along with the entire church—to raise them in the faith, so that they will have every opportunity to know and follow Christ. Once a child makes his or her own profession of faith, a service of confirmation completes the arc that baptism began.

We regularly remember Jesus’ last meal with His disciples before His death by receiving the sacrament of communion. Our communion table is not a Presbyterian table, nor is it a First Pres table. Rather, it is open to anyone who calls on the name of Jesus for salvation. Communion is received by intinction on the first Sunday of each month in our Worship Center services.

Memorial services at First Pres are grounded in our understanding that Jesus has conquered death through His work on the cross, and in our Lord’s promise of life beyond death for all who have a relationship with Him. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one who has died, giving thanks for how God used him or her to touch our lives.