Vision Sunday

Vision Weekend: A Place to Pray - Tim McConnell

Aug. 14

It is right to designate a place for worship. Solomon dedicated the Temple with a mighty plea: God, please hear us when we gather here to pray. Forgive our sins. Renew our hope. Rescue us from evil and plague. Make a home for the homeless. Welcome the alien and exile. Father the fatherless. Heal the afflicted. Afflict the comfortable with conviction to change. Be, in this place, a heartbeat of your Kingdom pulsing through our lives and our city. With Jesus, we become the Temple of God. There is power in us coming together. We can gather in any place, but we set this place aside with resolve to be together regularly to seek the Lord, glorify God in worship, deepen our discipleship, celebrate our fellowship, be renewed in mission, and feel the power of God launching us back out into a broken, darkened and needful world.
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Vision Weekend: A Place to Pray - Tim McConnell