The Great Rescue

The Birth - Tim McConnell

Dec. 24

The birth of Jesus was not an accident, nor was it an afterthought. This was all part of a plan, a great plan of salvation. It was all part of The Great Rescue. The birth of Jesus is more than the first breath of a man who would grow to be a hero; it is the entrance of God Himself into the world He made. It is incarnation. God enters the world in His Son Jesus Christ. But why? In order to seek and to save the lost. The birth of Jesus is a light to all people, a light to people who have been sitting in darkness. Like miners trapped in a collapsed underground mine for days, finally a light breaks in and someone yells, “Come with me! You are saved!” The shepherds were bathed in glory which struck them with fear; they were blinded by the bright light, but the good news did not escape them. Will it escape you? The birth of Jesus is the Great Rescue plan of God.
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