First Pres Students

At First Pres, we have a passion for Students Ministry. We create opportunities to grow in friendships and social settings by engaging with adventure, affirming their identity they are beginning to establish in Jesus, and mobilizing them to serve the Lord has part of the church and a follower of Jesus in the world.

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Connection Sundays

On Sundays, Middle and High Schoolers gather in the Weber Street Center, an intentional environment, met with fun, excitement, love and known relationships. While all Student Ministry is relational, Sundays emphasize learning and discipleship around Scripture and theology. Join us Sundays at 9:45 – 10:45 a.m.

Pre Check In Students


Students Youth Group

8th through 12th graders are invited to the Weber Street Center (105 N. Weber St.) for Youth Group, an energetic, fun, engaging, and highly relational environment where the emphasis is on building relationships and learning to live out the faith. Students experience Christian community with different types of experiences and lessons built into the course of the year, ranging from games night to worship night to testimony night, theStudent Ministry Staff works to balance the range of experiences.

Sunday Bible Study

At the Table

Critical to developing mature Christian disciples is helping Students to become “self-feeders” on the Word of God. The At the Table Sunday night Bible study naturally draws only the most committed core and is designed to help students learn the basics of interacting and growing under the Word of God directly from our best staff.


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