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Enrollment for the 2022-2023 School Year begins February 15

First Pres Preschool is proud to celebrate over 35 years of providing early childhood education for our community. Our preschool partners with parents to develop children who love to learn while laying a strong faith foundation for the future. Offering a safe, nurturing learning environment in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, our state-licensed program hosts morning classes for 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds and 5-year old pre-kindergartners. For the first time in the 2022-2023 school year, we're also offering Kindergarten. The registration for our Kindergarten Program is also below! First Pres Preschool is a nonprofit program, so our families receive a quality learning experience for a reasonable monthly tuition.

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Why Choose First Pres Preschool

We believe in a learning environment that promotes the total development of each child spiritually, socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Our large and cheerful classrooms allow our credentialed teachers to focus on how their students learn best. Low student-to-teacher ratios create a positive, safe and structured environment where children learn and thrive.

We consider parents vital partners in a child's early learning experience. Parents are always welcome in the classroom. We have many opportunities for parent involvement including special class events and field trips, as well as wider programs held at First Pres.

Each child is valued by God and is full of purpose. God made children to think, grow and learn in unique ways, which is reflected in our weekly chapel designed for a child's perspective. Our goal is that each child leaves First Pres Preschool with a deep awareness of God’s love for them.

Purposeful play and hands-on learning create opportunities to explore and discover. We include outdoor play experiences daily, with our large indoor gym available for inclement weather days. Our weekly music class is a kid and parent favorite!

While academic preparation is important, a child’s development as a person is crucial to their future success. As they interact with their peers and the attentive adults in their class, children gain the skills necessary to successfully navigate the first years of elementary school.

We teach children timeless values that prepare them to be good citizens of their classroom, society and world. Focusing on the whole child encourages social, emotional, spiritual, physical and academic development.

About Our Classes

In our classes for 3-year-olds, we focus on social-emotional development and class routine. Incorporating short circle times and table work helps children learn to follow directions. We also have a very fun “Souns” program that we use in the classrooms. The program is a hands-on learning tool that builds pre-reading skills and teaches letter sounds. The children are able to hold and touch the letters and teachers add the letters into the sensory table, art projects, games that they play, snacks, etc. The children love it and they have no idea they are actually learning -- they just think it’s fun!

Our program for four-year-olds is a bridge between the learning play of our younger classes and the preparation of pre-kindergarten. The perfect class for families looking for a 3 day option that is literacy focused. We continue to build on the Souns literacy program. Children rise to the occasion by focusing on the letter sounds in addition to letter names, building words by putting sounds together. Our classroom environment allows learning to take place alongside peers to continue natural growth and social-emotional development.

The Pre-Kindergarten classes are a more structured environment that also continues to make learning fun! We focus on kindergarten preparation, meeting diverse needs, and continuing to build literacy skills. We expand on subjects that children are interested in, including science experiments and deep-dives into topics that help them understand their world. This class offers multiple learning opportunities for academic growth and social-emotional readiness for kindergarten.

This is the perfect opportunity for your child to receive another year building strong foundational skills needed before First Grade. Our focus on Spiritual, Social and Academic growth preps our kindergarteners for future success. The Kindergarten class is led by a State Licensed teacher, preparing children for First Grade based on the Colorado State Standards. Children will be excited to learn in depth science units, build on basic mathematics, and obtain success in reading/writing practices!

Register Today

Registration for the 2022-2023 school year begins on February 15. Submit your registration online to get started. Once your registration is submitted, please schedule a tour with the Preschool Director for on site orientation before the first day your child attends.

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General Questions

Tuition 2 day = $235 per month

Tuition 3 day = $330 per month

Tuition 4 day = $410 per month

Yes! We offer several ways to pay, including via the monthly billing statements which offer an easy link to make your monthly payment. You may also pay at the Welcome Center desk at your convenience after dropping off your child.

The Friday Enrichment Program is an additional class parents can select to add more hands-on learning, art and science experiments to their child’s learning experience. The class is open to 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds each Friday during the normal preschool hours of 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Enroll for the year, because space is extremely limited!

We take the safety of the children in our care seriously. All teachers undergo background checks and are certified in CPR/First Aid. The exterior doors to the church are locked, aside from the Weber Street main entrance, which is monitored by our security staff. Visitors at the main entrance must check in with a receptionist. Our security staff gets to know the preschoolers and works with our staff to alleviate any concerns.

You may enter through the Weber Street entrance and bring your child to his or her classroom on the second floor, or use the carpool lane to put your child in the care of a teacher’s aide, and also pick up your child without getting out of your car.

This option is particularly helpful to parents with other small children or for parents who need to get to work or an appointment quickly after dropping their child off for school. This option is available to all First Pres Preschool families.

We will offer an early dropoff beginning at 8 a.m. It may be used as needed. A staff member will pick up your child from you at the carpool lane. After 8:10 a.m., you may still use the early dropoff; however, you will need to bring your child inside to the preschool. There is a $6 fee per use.

Regular classes begin at 9 a.m., and the classroom doors will be open at that time. 

We offer a hour-long Lunch Bunch program Monday through Thursday each week. This is a great option for parents who work part-time or who need an extra hour to run errands or finish appointments.

If you would like your child to attend the staff-supervised Lunch Bunch program on any given day, you will need to mark the "Lunch Bunch" box on your child's classroom sign-in sheet. You will also need to provide the lunch for your child. Your child's teacher will take your child and his/her belongings to the Lunch Bunch room at 12 p.m. You will pick your child up at 1 p.m. During Lunch Bunch, your child will eat lunch with friends, followed by the opportunity for free play and other activities in the classroom. The cost for Lunch Bunch is $6 per day.

See the attached calendar dates for the next school year.


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