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First Pres Fellows Colorado Springs is a nine-month advanced discipleship program for recent college graduates, focused on professional and leadership development. Each year, 10 men and women from diverse professions and backgrounds encourage and support one another as they explore who they are in Christ Jesus and their unique roles within God’s mission of redemption and restoration in this world.

We desire that faith inform every area of our lives and Christ transform every area of our lives. Primary focus is given to living an authentic life for Christ in the workplace, local community, church and family. The Fellows gain valuable experience through paid professional internships; dig deep into the needs of others through church and community service; and develop meaningful, multi-generational relationships within the church and a host family. They do all of this while considering the theology of the Christian faith, vocation, leadership and mentoring. Along the way, the Fellows have unhurried times with caring mentors and extended times of personal and group reflection. Finally, the Fellows are broadened as professionals and leaders through a weekly development training and monthly wilderness adventures and retreats.

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Vocational Work

All of us at times have questions about the meaning and purpose of our work. We wonder what God wants us to do with the unique gifts and talents He has given us and how He wants us to serve Him through our professions. First Pres Fellows is an opportunity to explore these questions through interaction over God’s Word, professional career assessments and hands-on experience in a paid internship within your chosen profession.

Caring Community

Ask any Fellow, and you will get a resounding testimony about the community among them. The Fellows develop authentic, transparent relationships. They care deeply, debate rigorously and support faithfully. Many form lifelong friendships. Fellows also form deep relationships within our church where they are loved with the love of Christ by host families, mentors and others whom they serve alongside. Finally, the Fellows, as a community, seek out those who do not know Jesus and invite new friends in the workplace and local community to join them on fun outings in the city and mountains.

Deepening in Christ

As Paul made clear in Philippians 3, of all the good that we may aspire to do in life, none is greater than aspiring to know Jesus personally. The highest goal of our fellowship is that each Fellow would know and experience the love of Christ in a far greater way than when they arrived. Authentically pursuing Christ and walking with Him are the centerpiece of every element of the program.

Intentional Service

Each one of us is called to serve Christ by serving others. Together, the Fellows actively serve in various roles of their choice within the church. They also take on various service initiatives within the Colorado Springs community at both hands-on and strategic levels. The Fellows develop eyes for the needs of others and experience how they can step in and lead at the local level for the glory of Christ.

Transformational Leadership

Jesus Christ has taught the world the power of humble caring leadership. As servant leaders, we are not only called to accomplish a mission, but also to lift up those who have been entrusted to us. At its core, First Pres Fellows is an advanced leadership development program. Fellows develop their own unique leadership styles and abilities. Through graduate coursework, seminars, hands-on practical experiences, and challenging wilderness adventures, Fellows learn to lead with a greater sense of calling and with the very heart of Jesus.

Capstone Wilderness Adventures

Much of the fellows' experience culminates in multiple wilderness adventures. These development adventures are both challenging and fun, requiring the fellows to dig deep within themselves. The adventures are led by the U.S. Special Ops Colonels of SilverStone Leadership Ventures. They have led missions all over the world in the most diverse cultures and difficult settings. Throughout the year, they guide us through learning exercises, discussions, backcountry wilderness challenges and reflections.

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Week at a Glance


First Semester  

Fri, Aug 20:  Last Day to Move in with Host Families 

Mon, Aug 23:  Orientation & Picnic  

Tue-Sun, Aug 24-29: Welcome Retreat in the Rockies  

Mon, Aug 30: First Day of Work (if not before)  

Tue, Aug 31: Photo Shoot  


Thu, Sep 2:  First Day of Seminary Classes 

Fri, Sep 3:  First Fellows Friday  

Mon, Sep 13:  First Round Table

Fri-Sat, Sep 17-18: Fall Colors Campout & Rock Climbing

Sun, Sep 19: Introduce Fellows to the Church


Sat, Oct 2: CityServe

Sun-Tue, Oct 3-5: Host TFI Annual Board Meeting  

Thu-Sat, Oct 7-9:  Silverstone Leadership: Wilderness Adventure #1  


Fri-Sun, Nov 5-7: TFI Micah 6:8 Retreat

Sat-Sun, Nov 20-28:  Thanksgiving Break  


Thu,  Dec 9:  Last Day of Class

Sun, Dec 12:  Christmas Joy Concert at the Pikes Peak Center

Mon,  Dec 13:  Christmas Party

Thu-Sun, Dec 16-Jan. 2: Christmas Break

Second Semester 

Mon, Jan 3:  Back to Work / Roundtable Begins

Fri, Jan 8: Fellows Fridays Begin

Wed-Sat, Jan 20-23:  Vocation and Calling Retreat

Thu, Jan 28: Seminary Classes Begin 


Thu-Sat, Feb 24-26: Solitude and Reflection Retreat  


Thu-Sat, Mar 31-Apr 2: Silverstone Leadership: Wilderness Adventure #2

Thu-Mon, Apr 21-25:  TFI National Conference in Washington D.C.  


Sun, May 8: Graduation Sunday at Church 

Wed, May 11: Probable Last Day of Work

Thu, May 12:  Probable Last Day of Class  

Fri, May 13: Graduation Celebration

Tue-Fri, May 17-20: End-of-the-Year Getaway

Sun, May 22:  Move out

Tuition for the First Pres Fellows Colorado Springs program is $7,000. Tuition covers all expenses of the program to the fellow, including graduate courses, retreats, conferences, adventures, personal assessments, leadership and professional development trainings, and roundtable meals. Administrative costs and salaries are covered by the church. Host families provide housing and meals (breakfast and dinner) without charge.

Yes, you may receive graduate school credit from Denver Seminary for the courses you will be taking. You can receive up to 8 credits during your Fellows year. Courses will be taken in residence at the seminary, not online, to personalize the relationships with the professors and enhance the learning experience.

You can reach our Program Director, Floyd Sebald, by email at or by phone at (719) 985-1014.

Meet the Program Director

Floyd Sebald has 30 years of experience in ministry and in organizational leadership and development. He served 22 years in the country of Mongolia with CRU, helping start multiple ministries and developing staff, leaders and teams. He held several positions in Mongolia, including National Director of CRU for 12 years and Team Leader of Leadership Development and Human Resources for five years. He also worked on the faculty of the National University of Mongolia, where he taught classes in forestry, biometrics and experimental design. He oversaw research projects and provided extensive consultation and service to the Mongolian government.

Floyd started his career with the U.S. Forest Service, working in silviculture and timber management. He holds a B.S. in Multi-Resource Land Management and an M.S. in Forest Ecology and Silviculture. Early in his career, he served with Cru at Northern Arizona University. Floyd’s greatest joy in work and ministry is encouraging and developing emerging leaders. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Lynne. Together, they have three adult sons who love the Lord, and four grandchildren.

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