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Give to God's Work through First Pres

What Can I do with Online Giving? 
  • Make a one-time donation without registration
  • Set up recurring gifts
  • Designate your giving
  • View history of the gifts you have made through this giving portal.* 
    *To view your complete giving history, please visit My First Pres

Questions about how to give?

Contact Michelle Adams-Fooshee
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Giving Changes Us

God created everything and needs nothing from us. But giving is one of the spiritual disciplines God uses to grow us into mature disciples of Christ.

  • We're released from anxiety over money.
  • Our financial priorities can fall into order, with God in first place.
  • We give the Church resources to bring God's salvation, justice, wholeness and peace to the world around us. 

Giving Changes the World Around Us

Because of the generosity of the people of First Pres, we are able to channel resources through strategic partnerships both locally and globally to bring God's saving love to the world. 



How our gifts make a difference in Colorado Springs and around the world


Giving FAQs


How can I give to First Pres?

  • In weekly worship: Place a check in the offering plate, or request envelopes if you give cash and would like a statement.
  • Register and give through our secure Online Giving Portal. You can make a one-time gift or set up a recurring gift. 
  • The Online Giving Portal also allows you to make a quick donation without registering on the site. 
  • Simply text a dollar amount to 719-297-2232. Learn more about text giving

Can I give non-cash assets?

Yes. In most cases, you can give gifts of life insurance, stock and mutual funds. In some cases, you can give hard goods or real estate gifts. Read more about giving non-cash assets

How can I view my giving statements?

For now, giving history visible on our secure Online Giving Portal is limited to gifts made through that tool. To view full giving history, register at MyFirstPres. We are in the process of consolidating these tools so that only one login is needed.

Why does First Pres ask me to pledge what I will give in the next year?

A pledge—or, as we say, a giving commitment—is helpful for two reasons. First, it can be an important spiritual milestone in the lives of givers, reminding us of the giving commitment we have prayerfully made to the Lord. Second, it allows First Pres to wisely prepare a budget for the coming year. Make a giving commitment to First Pres.

With that said, God does not ask us to promise to give—only to give. You can still participate fully in the grace of giving without making a giving commitment. 

Online Giving Questions

How can I help online giving work best with my bank? 

Please use the name that appears on your check or credit card when you set up online giving. Banks sometimes reject payments if the names don't match. 

How can I minimize processing fees for First Pres? 

To be sure that as much of your gift as possible goes directly toward the life and ministry of First Pres, choose the light blue "Use Check" icon in the upper right when you give a one-time donation or set up recurring giving. 

I have a login, but it doesn't work. Why won't the system recognize me? 

If you have been using the same login credentials for a while, you likely created your profile on our old system, which was turned off on October 3, 2016. You will need to create a new profile on the new portal using the instructions above. 

If you are certain that you created a profile on this online giving portal, use the "forgot password" link to update your password and regain entry to the system. 

Why are there two different logins for giving and viewing giving history? 

For now, giving done through our online giving portal is imported into our financial recordkeeping software, but it does not receive information from that software. Because of this, the online giving portal contains only the history of your giving through that tool.

Your full giving history (regardless of how you gave) is available by accessing My First Pres, which displays all giving information in our records, back to 2007. You will need to create a separate profile to log in to My First Pres. There is no way to give a gift through My First Pres.

Can I use the same username and password to give and to view giving history?

Currently, two separate systems are used to support these two tasks, so you need to bookmark two different pages. Your username and password can be the same for both, but you will need to set them up separately on Online Giving and My First Pres. 

Why didn't I know that we were changing online giving systems? 

In the weeks leading up to the change in October 2016, we made every effort to let users of the old tool know that we'd be making the switch. We know it's impossible to get the message to 100 percent of users, though, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced through the transition. 

 How can I be sure my gift goes where I intend for it to go?

Be sure to use the designation drop-down menu when you give online (pictured right).

How should I use the "Other" designation? 

Our business office is so grateful when you use "Other" only for existing projects such as a special collection announced from the pulpit, a specific Sunday School class offering, or missionaries already officially supported by First Pres. Creating new designations isn't always helpful and can cause your gift to be held, rather than being used to advance God's Kingdom. Be sure to specify in the comment box which of these you'd like your gift to fund. 


Good Stewards

First Pres pastors and staff are commitment to integrity and accountability in our use of resources. Here are some ways we pursue excellence in handling the gifts you've entrusted to us

  • Each month, detailed financial reports are shared at our Session meetings, after review by the Trustees.
  • Each year, an independent firm audits our finances.

Derrick Jeffers, Director of Finance, is available to answer questions regarding the use of resources at First Pres.


Above and Beyond:

The First Pres Foundation

The First Pres Foundation represents the faith of saints who are still with us and saints who have gone on to be with Christ. Through their generosity, they're cheering, "We believe in the Church of the future!"

The endowment funds in the First Pres Foundation power ministry above and beyond the daily operating budget of the church: 

  • Seminary scholarships
  • Student Ministries Scholarships for Camps and Missions trips
  • Training for future church leaders
  • Gifts to our local and global mission partners

Learn more about the First Pres Foundation.