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Who We Are


First Pres is Here…

To Worship God

In the face of powerful pressure to focus on ourselves, we bow the knee to God. We look to God. We point to God. Our lives are not about us; they’re about Him. We are part of something bigger than ourselves, because everything we do is done to make a name for our God—to draw attention to His goodness and the mighty work of redemption He is doing in the world.

To Be Light and Life for the City

God has shaped First Pres as a multigenerational downtown church with a deep appreciation for biblical preaching and teaching, worship, shared leadership and community-building.

Our way of carrying out Jesus’s bold charge to “make disciples of all nations” is to bring the light and life found only in Him to our city and to cities around the world. We won't stop until His Kingdom is fully realized in the great city—the City of God.  

To Flourish 

First Pres is part of A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO), which aims to “build flourishing churches that make disciples of Christ.” We fulfill our role as an ECO church when we’re thriving:

  • putting Jesus at the center of our lives
  • living under the authority of Scripture
  • learning constantly
  • being accountable in community
  • raising up innovative, egalitarian leadership
  • reaching around the world with the message of the Gospel 

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