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Ways to Serve Local Partners

Local Partner Needs during COVID-19


Material Needs: baby wipes and baby food
Ways to Serve: none noted at this time 

Contact: Michelle Swanson, Family Connections Director |   (719) 309-2970



Material Needs: items for to-go meals (brown sandwich bags, grocery bags, Styrofoam containers, plastic spoons, granola bars, single serve chips, peanut butter and jelly, sliced bread, apples, oranges, lunch meat, canned tuna and chicken, mustard and mayo, sandwich bags, nitrile food service gloves)
Ways to Serve: Volunteers are needed to assist with assembling to-go meals 
Contact: Connie, Volunteer Coordinator |   (719) 475-7314



Material Needs: pull ups, diaper, Lysol cleaning solution, paper towels
Ways to Serve: none at this time
Contact: Tonya Lark, Direction |   (719) 632-4661 



Material Needs: toilet paper, paper towels
Ways to Serve: none at this time 
Contact: (719) 219-3402



Material Needs: hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap 
Ways to Serve: drop off a commercially prepared meal
Contact: (719) 630-3223 


Material Needs: face-masks, paper plates, napkins, paper bowls, plastic silverware & plastic cups (deliver 11-3, M-F at 111 W Las Vegas St) 
Ways to Serve: none at this time 
Contact: (719) 632-1822


Material Needs: baby wipes, diapers size 1 and 5, specifically, and grocery gift cards.
Ways to Serve: none at this time 
Contact: (719) 358-6220


COSILoveYou has compiled some of the most helpful things you could do for the community of Colorado Springs during this time. We encourage you to find ways to proactively serve and give to those in distress over these next few weeks and months.

How to Help

Pray for Local Partners

No material needs or serving opportunities, but continue to be in prayer for our other local partners: Dale House, ESM, Fostering Hope, Greccio, Hope & Home, Life Network, Lutheran Family Services, Partners in Housing, Pikes Peak Academy, Thrive, Pikes Peak Young Life. 

Are you a part of the First Pres community and need support and care? Call 719-884-6145 for assistance.