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Sanctuary Worship Lead

First Pres is pleased to present the position of Sanctuary Worship Lead

First Pres takes seriously its call to praise and glorify God. It is our purpose. It’s why we gather every Sunday in worship. On Sundays, we worship in two modes, choir-led service worship in the Sanctuary and band-led worship in the Worship Center. No worship wars here. We hold high the values of excellence and commitment to both venues and both styles.

The Sanctuary Worship Lead (SWL) carries the privilege of deepening and extending the rich heritage of traditional, choir-led worship at First Pres. The SWL serves on the highly spiritual, intensely collaborative Worship Lead Team led personally by the Lead Pastor and comprised of the Creative Director, the SWL and the Contemporary Worship Leader. The Worship Lead Team develops passionate and energetic worship planning to support and amplify the message from the Word, series by series and week by week.

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What is the chief end of man? To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Serving at First Pres has been my life’s work. Working in community with dedicated choir members, musicians, an incredibly supportive congregation and an extended Colorado Springs creative community, has been the deepest of privileges. As God calls me forward into the next chapter, I know that First Pres will receive the next person called to lead our choral arts and Sanctuary community with open arms. 

– Jim DeJarnette, Minister of Worship and Music retiring in Fall of 2021.