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Project Overview

Lead Pastor Tim McConnell has said many times, the Sanctuary has no expiration date. This year's birthday project makes good on the promise—that our Sanctuary has no expiration date. We are asking our membership body to contribute financially to this endeavor, and we ask everyone to be in prayer as to how you might contribute to this effort. Our goal is to have 100% participation from members of our congregation.

  • Project Sanctuary
  • Project The Commons
  • Project Embracing Jesus

As we prepare for our future to ensure that a choir is supported, that this space remains one of reverence, there are upgrades and technological infrastructure needs that must be completed to enhance the vitality of worship in this beautiful space for the next generations!

  1. Restore and refinish the pews
  2. Repair and restore the organ
  3. Upgrade and replace the lighting
  4. Replace the main speaker system and upgrade audio capacity to support the Sanctuary Choir
  5. Paint and refresh colors in the space, including carpet and floor finishes
  6. Refresh adjoining old and new Narthex areas to align with changes being made in the Sanctuary

The Commons is a multi-functional gathering space for Sundays and weekdays. It includes a coffee bar, fireplace, and comfortable seating. You can meet friends, engage in small Bible studies, hang out during the week, read a book, and engage with art and other creative media.

  1. Open up the space on the south side of the hall that extends toward the bridge
  2. Move The Valley of the Shadows paintings by Bob Simpich to a new permanent space
  3. Creation of fireplace and gathering area
  4. Inclusion of new windows to bring in natural light
  5. Coffee bar on the east side of the space
  6. New art spaces for presentation
  7. Multi-functional furniture for gathering, including worktables and reading nooks
  8. Ability to close part of the space for private use for memorials, Bible studies and a brides room
  9. Nursing mothers room

It is time to return the Embracing Jesus sculpture to the outside of our buildings as both a gift to our city and as a symbol of who we are as a community. 

  1. The Embracing Jesus sculpture will be placed outside on the southeast corner of Bijou and Neveda
  2. A small wraparound bench will be installed behind the sculpture
  3. In addition, the planters will be lined and planting replaced to create a more pleasing visual landscape