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Life Group - Men's Group (Hartsock)


This is a men's group that meets at First Pres in the Weber Street Center and is led by Pastor Pat Hartsock. For more information contact Pat at

"More than ever our world needs men who know God’s word, who live it in their daily lives, and who are equipped to share it with others. Connect with other men from First Pres and our local community as we dig into some New Testament books together. For the curious and the well-seasoned disciple alike, this intergenerational gathering is an ideal opportunity to learn from one another and become genuine men of the Word. Each week, after a brief introduction, we’ll study scripture on the spot using provided resources. Then, in facilitated small group settings, we’ll seek to gain a better understanding of God’s word and practical ways of applying it to our everyday lives. Men, rise up and join us early Tuesday mornings – this hurting world needs well-equipped men of God."