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First Pres Membership Class

We're excited that you feel ready to put down roots in our community of faith. Our Membership Class is the place to go to explore your personal faith in Christ, what God is doing at First Pres and it also provides us with an opportunity to get to know you and your faith story. 

The Membership Class is offered on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, and culminates in participants having the option to become members of First Pres. After completing the Membership Class, we celebrate new members during worship.

Sunday Membership Classes

Wednesday Membership Classes

Questions about becoming a Member? Contact Ina Meyer.

What can members expect?

  • To receive encouragement, support and correction as Jesus promises to those who share spiritual fellowship.
  • Grow more Christ-like together in Christian community.
  • Discover our unique place in a common mission in God’s story. 
  • Become eligible to serve in leadership positions such as ministry teams and elected officer roles. 

What do members commit to?

  • Participating in the congregation’s worship, fellowship and service as regularly as possible.
  • Devoting themselves to God's mission at First Pres with their time and energy. 
  • Giving sacrificially in proportion to the blessings they have received to support First Pres in mission and ministry to advance the Kingdom of God (recognize the tithe—10 percent of income—as a biblical ideal for a mature Christian disciple).

Still Exploring First Pres?

Executive Pastor Jennifer Holz and members of our ministry staff lead a conversational introduction to the ministries of First Pres, our core beliefs and opportunities to serve and to connect in smaller groups. Offered the second Sunday of each month at 12 noon at Cafe 225 (225 N. Weber St.) Come have lunch on us! 

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Headshot of Jennifer Holz

Jennifer Holz

Executive Pastor

Office: 719-884-6214

Headshot of Ina Meyer

Ina Meyer

Program Manager for Discipleship and Executive Assistant to Jennifer Holz

Office: 719-884-6117