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Wonder | What I Have Seen | John Goodale

Wonder | What I Have Seen | John Goodale

Dec 27, 2020

Passage: Luke 2:22-40

Preacher: John Goodale

Series: Wonder

Category: Advent, New Testament



Simeon and Anna, like Isaiah in the first passage we studied in this series, were longing to see God do something. Simeon had sharpened his longing actually. Simeon, inspired by the Holy Spirit, was longing to lay eyes on the Messiah. It is possible to see something and not feel the wonder of it. It’s possible to see something and explain it away. But Simeon saw the infant Jesus and knew that he had seen something wonderful. His heart said, “Wow!” Anna also saw the boy and knew God had done something wonderful. Will you share in their testimony that the birth of Jesus changes everything?


Has 2020 left you feeling a little singed? Struggle can make us cynical. Cynicism can harden our hearts and leave us cold. But the gift of Christmas is bigger than you could ever imagine! Leave the cynicism behind and look again at the surprise of it all, the wonder of it all—that God would enter the world in the infant Jesus to restore what was lost and reach each of us. Look up once more at the Wonder of Christmas and let your heart say, “Wow!”