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Wonder | Into the Promise | Michael Thornton

Wonder | Into the Promise | Michael Thornton

Jan 03, 2021

Passage: Jeremiah 31:7-14

Preacher: Michael Thornton

Series: Wonder

Category: Old Testament, Advent



The unexpected acts of God in the past should make us humble about our predictions of the future. God works in ways that surprise us and cause us to say “Wow!” If God seems normalized to you, you might have too small a picture of God and too limited a picture of the Kingdom He is bringing. Look at how big these promises of the future are. What could they look like in their fulfillment and Jesus leads us on into the future? Open your heart to wonder.


Has 2020 left you feeling a little singed? Struggle can make us cynical. Cynicism can harden our hearts and leave us cold. But the gift of Christmas is bigger than you could ever imagine! Leave the cynicism behind and look again at the surprise of it all, the wonder of it all—that God would enter the world in the infant Jesus to restore what was lost and reach each of us. Look up once more at the Wonder of Christmas and let your heart say, “Wow!”