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The Bible Top 5 | Will I Be Rich? | Jennifer Holz

The Bible Top 5 | Will I Be Rich? | Jennifer Holz

Aug 09, 2020

Passage: Jeremiah 29:10-14

Preacher: Jennifer Holz

Series: The Bible Top 5

Category: Old Testament



Most popular in the world! And why not? God has plans for my prosperity? The God of the universe intends to “prosper me”? I’m set! I might as well start taking out loans right now. The health and wealth gospel is exploding across the globe, and especially in the global south. The damage it leaves in its trail is heart-breaking. God does not promise that we will be rich in money for following Him. This verse comes in the middle of a very hard realization—that the people of God are not going to be quickly rescued from Babylonian exile, but will need to settle in and get used to it. But there is hope for the future. God will not forget them. There will be a day of freedom, even if it is not in their lifetime


What do the five most searched, highlighted and shared Bible verses really mean? Are they sometimes misunderstood? These five famous Bible verses may not mean what many people think they mean, but like all of God’s Word, what they truly tell us is so much more!