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The Beautiful Story | Beauty Restored | Tim McConnell

The Beautiful Story | Beauty Restored | Tim McConnell

Oct 11, 2020

Passage: John 20:11-18

Preacher: Tim McConnell

Series: The Beautiful Story

Category: New Testament



Resurrection. We are having a little Easter in October! Now we see the resurrected Lord. Now we know. Now we see. God never gave up. God made all things beautiful, made us beautiful, watched beauty threatened and twisted in our hands, sent beautiful hope, died under ugliness, and now we see—God intended all along to win. God intended all along to restore. God intended all along to shine with everlasting glory in the name of Jesus, His Son. Death doesn’t win. Ugliness doesn’t get the last word. Beauty defeats death. Jesus defeats death. In Mary’s heart, a turning happens when she starts to believe that maybe, just maybe, things are turning now toward the beautiful hope


Can you find any beauty in 2020? God made the world beautiful. To philosophers, beauty can be a mystery. If you come along with us you will see beauty is the product of a beautiful God telling a beautiful story in a universe filled with awe-inspiring wonders. You too can play a part in The Beautiful Story of the marvelous love of God.