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The Beautiful Story | Beautiful World | Tim McConnell

The Beautiful Story | Beautiful World | Tim McConnell

Aug 23, 2020

Passage: Genesis 1:14-25

Preacher: Tim McConnell

Series: The Beautiful Story

Category: Old Testament



Creation. I like to imagine alternative universes, or alternative creations. God could have made the world with no fixed or regular qualities. Gravity could vary day to day. Water could sometimes be penetrable and sometimes impenetrable. Life could be a sterile experiment in a pallid environment, like mold growing on a petri dish in a lab. But God made all sorts of decisions about creation, each of them to make us feel at home, confident and loved. The world in which we live has fallen from its original beauty and balance, but we can still see it. We can still see a created order rife with intent to house humanity graciously, and full of opportunities to break our hearts with its beauty. God made a beautiful world. Something in us, as part of this creation, will never be satisfied until we fully bathe in the beauty (C.S. Lewis, Weight of Glory; JBS, Magnificent, ch. 4).


Can you find any beauty in 2020? God made the world beautiful. To philosophers, beauty can be a mystery. If you come along with us you will see beauty is the product of a beautiful God telling a beautiful story in a universe filled with awe-inspiring wonders. You too can play a part in The Beautiful Story of the marvelous love of God.