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The Beautiful Story | Beautiful Kingdom | Tim McConnell

The Beautiful Story | Beautiful Kingdom | Tim McConnell

Oct 25, 2020

Passage: Revelation 22:1-13

Preacher: Tim McConnell

Series: The Beautiful Story

Category: New Testament



Heaven. Heaven isn’t the "great up there" in the afterlife. Heaven is a word for the restoration and renewal God is bringing to this world. There is a Kingdom coming. One which we currently participate in, currently rehearse for, and currently glimpse when we act according to its culture and values. It is not a horrid kingdom of tyranny and terror. It is a beautiful Kingdom of love, joy, fullness, peace and everlasting life. The more we long for it, the better we will be—the longing itself shapes and orders our desires.


Can you find any beauty in 2020? God made the world beautiful. To philosophers, beauty can be a mystery. If you come along with us you will see beauty is the product of a beautiful God telling a beautiful story in a universe filled with awe-inspiring wonders. You too can play a part in The Beautiful Story of the marvelous love of God.