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Show Up

May 12, 2019

Passage: Psalms 40:6-10

Preacher: Tim McConnell

Series: Unstuck

Category: Old Testament


This week's sermon

When you feel stuck and life is hard, it is easy to withdraw. You don't want to face the crowds, or even your best friends. Every social interaction is another burden processing all you are going through. You just want to be left alone. But the Psalm says to make the effort to show up in worship. You don't make offerings to try to bend the will of God, but you offer your heart in worship. Worship God as God even in the middle of the storm. 

About the Unstuck series 

The Bible acknowledges that there are times in our lives when we simply feel stuck. Particularly in the Psalms, we read prayers and songs from the middle of hard times. Without God, we would certainly be stuck. But with God, there is good news. We can look to Him with honest cries of lament and hope to get unstuck by His good grace and power. This month-long walk through Psalm 40  assures us that God carries us through stuck times.

Are You Stuck?

If you are feeling stuck in depression, anxiety or hopelessness, you are not alone. Help is available. Call 844-657-1684 for assistance connecting with a counselor from the First Pres Counseling Coalition who can meet you in your particular situation.