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Revival | Five: Served to Empowered | Tim McConnell

Revival | Five: Served to Empowered | Tim McConnell

May 24, 2020

Passage: John 17:20-23

Preacher: Tim McConnell

Series: Revival

Category: New Testament



Rediscover. Rediscover your part to play in church. This is a conversion from staff-served worshippers to staff-empowered disciples. This is a ministry multiplier … (5 pastors means 5 ministry units; 3000 people empowered by 5 pastors means 3005 ministry units). You might say, “First Pres should pursue diversity.” I reply, “Yes, you should invite someone not like you to dinner.” You say, “No, I meant the ‘church’ should …” What do you think the ‘church’ is? We are not going to be served by our church staff. We are going to be empowered by our staff to be the church, just like Jesus prayed.


Revival is on the way. We cannot plan a revival. Revival is something God does. But we can prepare and pray for it. God is calling us to prepare for revival and we believe we are going to host revival right here in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. Get ready.