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Lord of My Family

Lord of My Family

Sep 16, 2018

Passage: Exodus 20:12

Preacher: Tim McConnell

Series: Lord

Category: Old Testament, Theology


Why do all of us, each of us with imperfect families, feel like we need to pretend perfection? We don’t. Nor do we need to walk away from God’s ideal.

This week's sermon

We live in an age of diminishing respect for authority. It has moved from honoring and valuing children to seeing children as our guiding lights for the future. Parents defer to infants in remarkable ways. Part of submitting to Jesus as Lord of my life is recognizing my responsibility to submit to other authorities like parents, government, boss. There is something God teaches us in submission. But all submission in family dynamics is under the lordship of Jesus (Ephesians 5:21). Kids are not the lords of the household, but mom and dad are not either. Jesus is Lord.

About This Series: LORD

Our fall discipleship series focuses on the Ten Commandments. Not only what they teach us not to do, but what to do. Jesus is Savior and Lord. Once we know him as Savior, it’s time to begin to allow His lordship in every corner of our lives. I can easily recognize Jesus as “Lord” in some abstract way. He’s Lord of the universe. He’s Lord of all history. But it gets harder when I think about His lordship in my own life. Is He really my master when I’m thinking about my relationships with my family? Is Jesus my first consult and guide when I’m arranging my finances? So much of discipleship is simply about loving Jesus more—loving Jesus more than desires of the flesh, loving Jesus more than money, loving Jesus more than what my neighbor has. The Ten Commandments are a great measure of our hearts. Do we love Jesus more than these? Jesus is Lord.

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