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Here We Go! | Deploy Generosity | Jennifer Holz

Here We Go! | Deploy Generosity | Jennifer Holz

Feb 07, 2021

Passage: 1 Peter 3:1-9

Preacher: Jennifer Holz

Series: Here We Go!

Category: New Testament



(cf. 1 Peter 4:8–10) Responsible exegesis sees a passage in its time, then applies it to our time. Very necessary here. Relations between men and women are rife with opportunity for selfishness and privilege—a ‘rights’ mentality. This is death to a marriage. It is death to all of us to be selfish and focused on our rights rather than our opportunity to use our gifts to serve others. This is greed. We must learn to live generous lives. Husbands and wives are to be generous with one another. We believers must learn to be generous in every way, including finances.


In January 2020 we held Vision Weekend 2020 introducing 7 Values In Our Pursuit of Jesus. It was inspiring, energizing, exciting! Then 2020 happened. Time to regroup around these 7 values and find our way forward into a fresh start in 2021 staying faithful to who God calls us to be. We might just find these values answering some of the deepest needs of our world emerging from the pandemic of 2020. Jump on board! Here We Go!