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Future Jesus | Jesus the Morning Star | Michael Thornton

Future Jesus | Jesus the Morning Star | Michael Thornton

Jul 04, 2021

Passage: Revelation 22:12-21

Preacher: Michael Thornton

Series: Future Jesus

Category: New Testament



Benjamin Franklin famously looked out the window as the Continental Congress struggled to put the Declaration of Independence together. He saw a colorful pink sky and said, “Is that a rising or a setting sun I see?” The Founders didn’t know if the U. S. would make it. Did they just sign a death sentence or inaugurate a new era of free democratic governance? With Jesus, it is always a rising sun. The best is always yet to come in Christ. Jesus is the Morning Star in Revelation. Future Jesus is where we rest our present hope.


A crisis is disorienting. A global pandemic is deeply disruptive. When we are disoriented and dizzy, what good news to know that Jesus is in our future no matter what! Join in as we rest in the knowledge—while the future is unknown, we know Jesus is there.