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Belong | Open to Others | Tim McConnell

Belong | Open to Others | Tim McConnell

Sep 12, 2021

Passage: John 4:27-42

Preacher: Tim McConnell

Series: Belong

Category: New Testament



The woman is now at home enough in her own skin and with her Lord that she can open up to others. In fact, she moves toward others. The others she once avoided at great pains she now moves toward with openness. Through Jesus, a new belonging erupts. A new community begins with those who turn together toward Jesus. She is not alone among the crowd any more, but together with others in Christ. Belonging can only happen when we are open to others. Jesus and the community of believers around Jesus that He creates, this is the belonging our hearts need. She is also a model for evangelism and spiritual conversations. Do we think spiritual conversations drive people apart? Research says otherwise (Don Everts).


Solitude can be a blessing but alone is no good. God did not make us for alone. Risk relationship. Find community. Be real. Be vulnerable. Be grounded. Belong.