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Belong | Give Yourself | Michael Thornton

Belong | Give Yourself | Michael Thornton

Oct 10, 2021

Passage: Romans 12:3-8

Preacher: Michael Thornton

Series: Belong

Category: New Testament



If we are truly a body, then we do not belong to ourselves anymore. We belong to Jesus and to one another. The price of belonging is to give yourself away. When you do, you actually find that you have a new life. In losing yourself, you find yourself. In giving your life to Christ, it is actually retained and kept and saved. Belonging to the body means giving yourself away as one member. This is the second stage: fear of vulnerability. Give yourself away instead of defending your false front.


Solitude can be a blessing but alone is no good. God did not make us for alone. Risk relationship. Find community. Be real. Be vulnerable. Be grounded. Belong.