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Belong | Belong to God | Tim McConnell

Belong | Belong to God | Tim McConnell

Oct 03, 2021

Passage: Romans 12:1-2

Preacher: Tim McConnell

Series: Belong

Category: New Testament



So, what is our response? We long to belong. Jesus has a way of breaking into our isolation. What are we supposed to do? Present yourself to God as a living sacrifice. In view of God’s mercy and love, respond with devotion and worship. Turn in your lonely life for a life of belonging to God and serving under His will. Join in the mission of God that extends from these front doors straight around the world. The pattern of this world is isolation, fear, individualism and defensiveness. The renewing of the mind is a new life of belonging to Jesus and one another. Don’t sit in isolation but look to God.


Solitude can be a blessing but alone is no good. God did not make us for alone. Risk relationship. Find community. Be real. Be vulnerable. Be grounded. Belong.