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A Joy Exercise

A Joy Exercise

Dec 02, 2018

Passage: John 16:16-24

Preacher: Tim McConnell

Series: Time for Joy

Category: Gospel, Epistle, Advent


What would it look like to see Christmas as an exercise in joy?

This week's sermon

They say the one who chases happiness will never find it, but the one who chases God will find Him—and with Him all joy and happiness. Looking out across the next month may feel like a challenge. There is no time to accomplish all of our expectations for the holidays, and the pressure is great. We want it to be a season of joy, but what is joy, if not sparkling lights and big celebrations? Jesus explained that the joy of his resurrection would remain with us forever, and no one can take it away. Joy can be cultivated through the winter. Choose joy this season.

About the Time for Joy Series

Christmas is a time for joy. We are told to be joyful. We want to feel joy. We want to share joy with others. But joy can be hard to find sometimes. It isn’t accidental. Joy is something to pursue and guard—to cultivate and value. God gives us the season of Christmas to interrupt our patterns and calendars. It is a time for more celebration and gathering with friends, to treasure family and to remember the birth of Jesus Christ—God’s greatest gift of his own Son. Let’s take time for joy.