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Something Significant for Christmas

10.26.17 | Mission | by Laura Mueller

    Why Give Significantly?

    • These gifts reflect the true meaning of Christmas and are viable alternatives to the traditional consumerism of the Christmas season.
    • They are thoughtfully selected to offer variety and to encourage connection to our own city and around the world.
    • Each gift is connected to a First Pres partner, offering hope and help to the people, leaders and organizations that we are personally connected with throughout the year.
    • These gifts can be catalysts for gospel conversations as you share why you choose to give significantly.

     Ideas for Using this Catalog

    • Send your family the link to the online catalog and suggest a gift you would like to receive.
    • Invite your children or grandchildren to know more about Jesus’ generosity and the importance of Christmas by helping them select gifts for themselves, friends, teachers, relatives, etc.
    • Honor those who say “I don’t need anything” for Christmas by giving them a gift that benefits someone else.
    • Consider the catalog as an option for year-end giving that is tax deductible.

    Children, Youth and Family

    1. One School Day for a Special Needs Child | Egypt 
    • Our friend Rebecca runs a school for special needs children in the garbage dump area of Cairo.
    • Older students learn skills for living and how to earn a wage.
    • All of the children receive a hot meal, which helps them and their family too.

    $1 for a day of school, including lunch

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    1. Christmas Backpack for Children | Egypt 
    • At Christmastime The Bible Society of Egypt reaches out to children in areas where there is no church.
    • Last year they gave 20,000 children a bag filled with a coloring book, puzzle, and book mark.
    • This year their goal is 50,000! Your gift provides a bag and also the love of Christ.

    $ 10 for a filled Christmas backpack

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    1. Young Life Capernaum Club | Mongolia 
    • Young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities experience fun, adventure and develop fulfilling friendships.
    • Young Life staff and volunteers model Christ’s love and acceptance as they walk alongside their Capernaum friends.
    • Your gift will help provide regular club gatherings for young people, as well as support and a chance for interaction for their parents.

    $5 supports a teen attending club
    $50 supports the entire club meeting

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    1. Christmas Gifts to Families of Deployed Peacekeeping Troops | Mongolia 
    • The Mongolian military does not have a family support program.
    • Our partners at Campus Crusade for Christ reach out to these families with a small gift and a large amount of Jesus’ love!
    • This gift provides an opportunity to tell the Christmas story while offering encouragement and joy!

    $10 for a Christmas gift

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    1. Student Ministry Scholarships | Colorado Springs
    • First Pres 5th-12th grade students have the amazing opportunity to go to winter and/or summer Camp. 
    • These camps provide the students with gifted speakers, worship and fellowship with life-changing effects.
    • By helping send a student to camp, you are giving them a growth opportunity that can lead to a faith-filled life.

    $25 towards camp scholarships

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        6. Ear Buds and a Snack for Homeless Teens | Colorado Springs

    • Urban Peak provides youth experiencing homelessness a supportive and safe place.
    • Music therapy helps youth gain self-understanding and coping mechanisms to aid in healing.
    • Music and a gift card for coffee or lunch will provide a safe outlet for working through daily trauma.

    $25 provides ear buds and a minimal gift card for a teen overcoming challenges

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        7. Family Promise/Interfaith Hospitality Network | Colorado Springs

    • The mission of Family Promise’s Interfaith Hospitality Network is to end family homelessness one family at a time.
    • First Pres hosts Family Promise families overnight four times a year, helps these families move into their own place, and assists other families to get much needed help.
    • Help a family move out of homelessness into their own place by providing the first month’s rent or deposit through case management at IHN.

    $50 as a share in housing to move out of homelessness

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        8. Dale House | Colorado Springs

    • Dale house provides a sense of family love, support and  nderstanding within the context of structure and discipline for troubled teens.
    • Families take trips together to explore, fellowship and take a break from their everyday routine, and the Dale House family is no exception!
    • Your gift will help a teen go on a Christmas vacation with their Dale House Family to California.

    $50 to help a teen go on a California Christmas vacation

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    Hunger, Thirst and Justice

        9Sandwich Fellowship | Cuba

    • Our partner church, First Pres Havana, provides sandwiches after worship each Sunday.
    • For many, the sandwich is their primary meal for the day.
    • They need assistance to provide the care and fellowship of this program. 

    $3 for a sandwich, $30 for 10 sandwiches

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       10. Clean Water | Global

    • 844 million people worldwide (1 in 9) lack basic drinking-water service.
    • Globally, women and children spend 200 million hours every daycollecting water.
    • June 10-16, 2018, a First Pres team will drill a new well and teach hygiene in El Salvador.
    • Your gift will go with our team!

    $20 for clean water in Jesus’ name

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       11. Work Essentials for Refugees | Colorado Springs

    • Refugees have very few material belongings.
    • Finding work is critical for their family health and stability.
    • Being ready to work requires appropriate clothing, uniforms, shoes, etc.
    • This very practical gift will provide a gift card to purchase work-related essentials.

    $35 provides essentials to be prepared for work

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       12. Meal for Family Trainings/Family Life Services | Colorado Springs

    • Family Life Services provides a place for single moms and their children to experience life transformation.
    • Monthly, they hold life-skills training for mothers in their programs.
    • Providing nutritious meals at those meetings allows the moms to learn about healthy, quick meals for their families, and assures that everyone has a full tummy!

    $20 as a share for a meal

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       13. Food, Backpacks and Hygiene Items/ESM | Colorado Springs

    • Ecumenical Social Ministries (ESM) serves more than 36,000 individuals with emergency food every year.
    • More than 20,000 people come to their doors needing personal care, medical assistance, toiletries, etc.
    • Your gift can purchase either three street food bags, buy four backpacks for carrying supplies or provide one homeless woman with hygiene items.

    $20 for 3 food bags, 4 backpacks, or 1 hygiene kit

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       14. International Justice Mission Against Slavery | Global

    • Support Christians who are working to end human trafficking.
    • Help free the victims of sex trafficking, human slavery, and other violent crimes of oppression.

    $50 for one day of investigation into human trafficking

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     Life Essentials

       15. Miracle of Birth | Guatemala

    • Doctors Axel and Lordis Suquen run a health clinic in Patzun, Guatemala, that offers dentistry, medical assistance and a pharmacy open to the community.
    • The pharmacy has made it easy for expectant mothers to purchase a birthing kit. Women in this area must bring all of the tools necessary to the hospital for their own delivery.
    • The kit contains necessary medications as well as all other materials needed for a safe delivery.
    • Asociacion Vida provides these kits at an affordable cost, enabling even the poorest women to receive appropriate and safe care as they experience the miracle of birth.

    $20 for a delivery kit for an expectant mother in Guatemala

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       16. Basic Needs for Syrian Refugees | Egypt

    • Our partner church in Cairo is reaching out to Syrian Refugees around their city.
    • Many of the refugees around Cairo are Christians who fled ISIS, but are now living in majority Muslim slums.
    • Your gift will provide basic help with food, clothing and shelter as well as spiritual encouragement and care by brothers and sisters who also follow Jesus.

    $50 for basic care to a family

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        17. Bus Pass for Refugee Families | Colorado Springs

    • Refugees in Colorado Springs are settled by Lutheran Family Services.
    • First Pres partners with Lutheran Family Services to provide English classes.
    • Extend a tangible expression of Christ’s love to legal refugees.
    • Enable these new neighbors to access English classes, jobs, school, appointments, etc.

     $16 for a one-week bus pass, $63 for a one-month bus pass

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       18. Children’s Hostel | Kalimpong, India

    • Our partner church in Kalimpong supports about 70 children living in a hostel.
    • The children are from tribal areas where there is no school or from families who cannot afford to support and educate them.
    • This gift will provide safety, care, clothes and education, as well as minister to their spiritual, emotional and social well-being.

    $25 for a share, or $100 for a month for one child

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       19. Support to Elderly/Cuba

    • About 18 percent of the population in Cuba is over age 60.
    • Many young people leave the island for better careers and higher salaries, leaving many senior adults with no family to care for them.
    • This gift will provide clothing, medicine and spiritual encouragement to these older adults.

     $25 for senior care in Cuba

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       20. Shoes for Children/Family Mentor Alliance | Colorado Springs

    • The Family Mentor Alliance provides teams from churches to walk alongside families moving out of homelessness.
    • All of these families experience some amount of financial stress, so new shoes are usually out of the question.
    • Instead, children often have footwear that is too small, too big, handed down or just plain falling apart.
    • Your gift of new shoes will provide comfort, care and dignity!

    $25 for a new pair of shoes

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        21. Passion City Church | Colorado Springs

    • Passion City Church reaches out to their neighbors in the southeast part of our city every month with an event such as park and apartment clean-up, barbecues and neighborhood parties.
    • For holidays, they provide healthy food and gift cards to those in need.
    • Congregants also pray with and for neighbors.

     $25 for a gift card for those in need

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     Training and Income Generation

       22. Water Bottles for Treatment System | Guatemala

    • In order to meet the need for clean water, Galilea Evangelical Church created the first water purification system in their town of San Pablo.
    • Their prayer is to provide two five-gallon bottles to at least 500 families so that they can continue to purchase purified water.
    • This system will generate income through the sale of bottles, water and providing jobs.
    • Eventually a distribution network will be created to allow families to resell water bottles in their local neighborhood.

     $3 for one five-gallon bottle, $6 for two five-gallon bottles

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     23. Christmas Chicks | Egypt

    • Families experiencing material poverty can receive a loan to buy chicks.
    • Families can generate income by breeding and raising chickens or by selling eggs.
    • This gift keeps giving to the families and to other people in their village.

     $2 for a chick

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       24. Rehabilitative Care/Job Training | Colorado Springs 

    • Springs Rescue Mission helps move men from the grip of addiction to new opportunities and hope.
    • “Get a job” is not often as easy as it sounds.
    • Providing training helps make employability a reality for men re-entering the work force.
    • Getting off the streets and into a new career requires consistent support and help.

     $15 for 12 hours of job training or one hour of career coaching

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       25. Theological Training for a Christian Leader | Mongolia

    • The growing church in Mongolia desperately needs trained leaders!
    • Enable a young first-generation Christian to obey God’s call to ministry.
    • Assure a firm foundation for the continued growth of the Church in Mongolia.

     $25 a share toward seminary tuition

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       26. Undesignated

    • Any undesignated donation will be stewarded by our Mission Engagement Teams. 

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