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Something Significant for Christmas 2018

10.26.18 | Mission | by Laura Mueller

    Why Give Significantly? 

    When you choose gifts from this catalog, 100 percent of the money you spend goes directly to one of First Pres' local or global mission partners. The recipients are people and organizations who are bringers of light and life. They're making a different in our world. We have ongoing relationships with them, and if you wish, you can follow up your gift by meeting them, supporting them and even serving with them. Call us in the Mission Engagement office 884-6233 to explore opportunities. 

    • Make your list of those to whom you want to give significantly. Remember to include grandparents, co-workers, teachers, neighbors, bus drivers, clients, medical providers and those who say they don't want anything for Christmas. Include your children in the list-making process and talk about generosity and the real meaning of Christmas. 
    • Choose a gift that will be meaningful to each person. Or select one gift that's close to your heart and order one for everybody. 
    • Pick up your order at the Plaza Welcome Desk when you are notified that it is ready. If you prefer to make your own card or communicate your gift to recipients in other ways, there's no need to pick anything up. 

    2018 Gifts

    1. Basic Needs for Rohingya People | Global 

    • Over 600,000 Rohingya people, considered the most persecuted group in the world, have fled from injustice, violence and unrest in Myanmar. 
    • Over 56 percent of those seeking refuge are under age 17. World Renew, ECO's partner for reflief work, is helping them. 
    • Your gift will provide living essentials while reminding the Rohingya people that they are not forgotten. 

    $50 for basic care to a family

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    2. Bus Pass for Newly Arrived Refugee Families | Colorado Springs

    • Legal refugees in Colorado Springs are settled by Lutheran Family Services. 
    • First Pres partners with Lutheran Family Services to provide English classes. 
    • Extend a tangible expression of Christ's love to legal refugees. 
    • Enable these new neighbors to access English classes, jobs, school and appointments. 

    $32 for 20-ride adult pass

    $63 for one-month pass

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    3. Care and Upkeep for Transitional Apartment | Colorado Springs

    • Greccio Housing owns and manages properties throughout Colorado Springs that provide affordable housing for over 1,100 residents annually. 
    • First Pres supports and furnishes an emergency transitional apartment through Greccio Housing. 
    • We work with Greccio and other agencies to make this apartment available to families in need of a short-term stay while they wait for admission into long-term housing programs. 
    • Your gift will help First Pres update the furnishing in this space to provide a comfortable and warm temporary home for a family seeking stability. 

    $25 to help update furnishings in the transitional apartment 

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    4. Chicks | Touch of Love International | Egypt

    • Families experiencing material poverty can receive a loan through Touch of Love International to buy chicks. 
    • Families can generate income by breeding and raising chickens or selling their eggs. 
    • This gift keeps giving to the families and to other people in their village. 

    $2 for a chick

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    5. Children's Hostel | Kalimpong, India 

    • Our partner church in Kalimpong supports about 70 children in a hostel. 
    • The children are from tribal areas where there is no school or from families who cannot afford to support and educate them. 
    • This gift will provide safety, care, clothes and education, as well as minister to their spiritual, emotional and social well-being. 

    $25 for a week

    $100 for a month

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    6. Christmas Backpack for Children | Egypt

    • At Christmas, the Bible Society of Egypt reaches out to children living where there is no local church. 
    • Last year they gave 20,000 children a bag filled with a coloring books, puzzle and bookmark. 
    • This year their goal is 50,000! Your gift provides a filled bag, along with the love of Christ. 

    $10 for a filled Christmas backpack

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    7. Christmas Gifts to Families of Deployed Peacekeeping Troops | Mongolia

    • The Mongolian military does not have a family support program. 
    • Our partner at Campus Crusade for Christ Mongolia reach out to these families with a small gift and a large amount of Jesus' love!
    • This gift provides an opportunity to tell the Christmas story while offering encouragement and joy!

    $10 for a Christmas gift 

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    8. Clean Water | Global

    • 844 million people lack a basic drinking-water service - that is one in nine. 
    • Globally, women and children spend 200 million hours every day collecting water.
    • June 22-29, 2019, a First Pres team will dril a new well and teach hygiene in Guatemala.
    • Your gift will go with our team!

    $20 for clean water in Jesus' name

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    9. The Dale House Project | Colorado Springs

    • Dale House provides a sense of family love, support and understanding within structure and discipline for at-risk youth. 
    • Families take trips together to explore, fellowship and get a chance to move away from everyday routine, and the Dale House family is no exception!
    • Your gift will help a teen go on a Christmas vacation to California with their Dale House Family. 

    $50 to help a team go on a California Christmas vacation 

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    10. Ear Buds and a Snack for Urban Peak Youth | Colorado  Springs

    • Urban Peak provides youth experiencing homelessness a supportive and safe place.
    • Music therapy helps youth gain self- understanding and coping mechanisms to aid in healing. 
    • Music and a gift card for coffee or lunch will provide a safe outlet for working through daily trauma. 

    $25 provides ear buds and a minimal gift card for a teen overcoming challenges 

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    11. ESM | Colorado Springs

    • Ecumenical Social Ministries (ESM) serves more than 36,000 individuals with emergency food every year.    
    • More than 20,000 people come to their doors needing personal care, medical assistance and toiletries.    
    • Your gift can purchase either three street food bags or four backpacks for carrying supplies, or provide one homeless woman with hygiene items.   

    $20 for 3 food bags, 4 backpacks or 1 hygiene kit

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    12. Family Life Services | Colorado Springs 

    • Family Life Services provides a place for single moms and their children to transform their lives. 
    • They place a high value on community as families take steps towards stability.    
    • This gift will allow residents to purchase life’s basics: groceries, personal care items and gas for their families.   

    $20 for family's life basics

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    13. Family Promise/Interfaith Hospitality Network | Colorado Springs

    • First Pres hosts families experiencing homelessness four times a year, providing safety and comfort to empower them to rebuild. 
    • Family Promise prepares families to move out of homelessness through individualized case management.    
    • Your gift will assist a family moving into permanent housing by providing a deposit or the first month’s rent.    
    • Your gift also supports Family Promise wrap-around services to ensure families never experience homelessness again. 

    $50 a share in housing services to move out of homelessness

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    14. Fostering Hope | Colorado Springs 

    • Fostering Hope surrounds foster kids and families with caring, supportive teams to represent an extended family. 
    • They work to provide stable, enduring and enriching relationships that come alongside both the kids and the foster family. 
    • Your gift will provide foster families with support, encouragement and the ability to buy necessities that can often be a stretch for a tight budget. 

    $30 for support and necessities

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    15. International Justice Mission Against Slavery | Global

    • Slavery is a multi-billion-dollar industry, with over 40 million slaves globally.    
    • IJM works to put slave traders out of business by rescuing people from slavery and other forms of violence, as well as arresting slave owners.   
    • Help free the victims of sex trafficking, human slavery and other violent crimes of oppression.   

    $50 for one day of investigation into human trafficking 

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    16. Loads of Laundry | Cuba

    • Our partners at First Presbyterian Church Havana have started a new ministry with families living in the barrio near the church. 
    • By providing access to their new washing machine, the church can reach out with Jesus’ love in a very practical and helpful way. 
    • This gift will provide the opportunity for families to save time, get out of their home for social interaction and to have clean clothing more often! 

    $10 for a family's load of laundry in Cuba 

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    17. Miracle of Birth | Guatemala

    • Doctors Axel and Lordis Suquen run a health clinic in Patzun, Guatemala, that offers dentistry, medical assistance and a pharmacy open to the community.    
    • The pharmacy has made it easy for expectant mothers to purchase a birthing kit necessary for delivery as well as to receive diagnostic screenings during pregnancy.   
    • Asociación Vida provides these kits and screenings at an affordable cost, enabling even the poorest women to receive appropriate and safe care as they experience the miracle of birth. 

    $20 for a delivery kit and a diagnostic screening for an expectant mother in Guatemala

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    18. One School Day for a Special Needs Child | Egypt 

    • Our friend Rebecca runs a school for special needs children in the garbage dump area of Cairo. 
    • Older students learn skills for living and how to earn a wage. 
    • All of the children receive a hot meal, which helps them and their families too. 

    $1 for a day of school, including lunch 

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    19. Sandwich Fellowship | Cuba

    • Our partner church, First Presbyterian Church Havana, provides sandwiches after worship each Sunday.   
    • For many, the sandwich is their primary meal for the day. 
    • They need assistance to provide the care and fellowship of this program. 

    $3 for a sandwich

    $30 for 10 sandwiches

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    20. Shoes for Children | Family Mentor Alliance | Colorado Springs

    • The Family Mentor Alliance, a program of the Family Connections Center, provides teams from churches to walk alongside families moving out of homelessness.  
    • All of these families experience some amount of financial stress, so new shoes are usually out of the question. 
    • Instead, children often have footwear that is too small, too big, handed down or just plain falling apart. 
    • Your gift of new shoes will provide comfort, care and dignity! 

    $25 for a new pair of shoes

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    21. Springs Rescue Mission | Colorado Springs 

    • Springs Rescue Mission helps move men from the grip of addiction to new opportunities and hope. 
    • "Get a job" is often not as easy as it sounds. 
    • Providing training helps to make it a reality for men re-entering the work force. 
    • Getting off the streets and into a new career requires clean, consistent support and help. 

    $15 for 12 hours of job training or one hour of career coaching

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    22. Theological Training for a Christian Leader | Mongolia

    • The growing church in Mongolia desperately needs trained leaders!
    • Enable a young "first generation" Christian to obey God's call to ministry. 
    • Assure a firm foundation for the continued growth of the Church in Mongolia. 

    $25 a share toward seminary tuition. 

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    23. Water Bottles for Treatment System | Guatemala 

    • In order to meet the need for clean water, the Evangelical Church of Galilea created the first water purification system in their town of San Pablo. 
    • God is answering their prayer to provide two five-gallon bottles to at least 500 families. Currently 350 families have two bottles, leaving need for 300 more bottles to supply 150 more families. 
    • This system will generate income through the sale of bottles and water, and by providing jobs. 
    • In only a year of operation, they are expanding their facility to purify a higher volume and meet demand. 

    $3 for one 5-gallon bottle

    $6 for two 5-gallon bottles 

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    24. Young Life Capernaum Ministry | Mongolia 

    • Young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have fun, enriching experiences different from their everyday life through Capernaum club and camp. 
    • Young Life staff and volunteers model Christ’s unconditional love and acceptance as they walk alongside their Capernaum friends and develop fulfilling relationships.  
    • At camp, they hear the Good News, grow in their faith and have a chance to get outside and develop self-confidence in who God has created them to be. 
    • Capernaum club provides an ongoing opportunity for the young people to be nurtured and for their parents to be supported and encouraged. 

    $25 supports a teen attending club

    $100 provides a week of camp 

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    25. YoungLives Camp for Teen Moms | Colorado Springs

    • YoungLives, a ministry of Young Life, models the unconditional love of Christ specifically for teen moms. 
    • Through one-to-one mentoring, teen moms are empowered to make positive choices, set and achieve goals, and live a future rooted in Christ.   
    • Teen moms learn parenting skills, find acceptance and friendship, and learn about Jesus while their babies are well cared for at camp. 

    $30 scholarship helps a teen mom to go to YoungLives camp

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    26. Undesignated 

    • Any undesignated donation will be stewarded by our Mission Engagement Teams 

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