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GTW Winter 2020 Class Descriptions

11.19.19 | GTW | by Ina Meyer

    GTW starts Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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     Winter 2020 Classes

    Alpha (January 8 through February 19 and February 25)
    Alpha is a series of sessions that explores life and faith, designed for those outside the Church. The atmosphere is laid-back and non-threatening, welcoming to all. If you’re already having meaningful conversations about faith with an unbelieving friend, invite them to come with you to Alpha.

    Christian Faith in Dark Times: A Study of the Barmen Declaration (3:45 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    As Hitler came to power, the church in Germany was faced with a crucial challenge: how would it respond to a political system that promised prosperity and glory but which demanded allegiance to the state rather than to Jesus Christ? As we study The Barmen Declaration we will explore this critical time in church history. And we will see how the German church of the 1930s speaks to us today. In the midst of our own cultural, social and political chaos, to whom or what will we be faithful? Join us for a real engagement with one of the confessional documents of our denomination, ECO, as we think about the claims the One Word of God makes on us.
    Led by Dave Freehling

    Christian Faith in Dark Times: A Study of the Barmen Declaration (6:15 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    See description above.


    Brass Ensemble (4:30 – 5:30 p.m.)
    The First Pres Brass Ensemble is open to experienced adult and advanced high school brass players. This group performs in worship and seasonal activities September through May. Contact Steve Hock at 719-488-9791 or for further information.

    The Doctrine of Vocation: The Undiscovered Country (6:15 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    Do you see your life as a whole with various parts or do you see it as many different, almost unrelated pieces?   Do you see God as in charge of some of those parts or all of the parts?   How do you live out your faith (serve God and serve others) in your church, work and family relationships, your service to the community you live in, the way you vote and engage politically, and in just little interactions when you go to the grocery store?  What would you say to the idea that each of us is wired in a particular way?  Do you know the gifts that God has given to you and how they affect the way you live out your life? God creates each of us differently so that we can participate with God in his work in our daily lives. He is working and desires us to work with him. The doctrine of vocation gives practical guidance, helps us to integrate our faith with our life, and reveals the spirituality of everyday life.  In our seven-week class time we will look at the doctrine of vocation, at God’s calling on our lives and the gifting He gives us so we can be a part of His work in the world.
    Led by Deborah Jenkins


    Financial Peace University (6:15 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    Make a plan for your future, one step at a time—whether you’re 18 or 70, single or married—using biblical financial principles to manage money. We’ll apply these principles to customize your plan, from an emergency fund to retirement and everything in between. You can register and buy your membership kits online at fpu.com/1105142.
    Led by Louise Carlson and Mike Reid


    Genesis—The Book of Beginnings, Part 2 (6:15 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    Genesis—the first book of the Bible—gives the origin of all things. It explains who we are, where we came from, why we are here and why the world is the way it is. No other book of the Bible is quoted or referenced as often in other books of the Bible as Genesis. Therefore, knowledge of Genesis is essential for understanding the rest of the Bible. We will not only study the content of Genesis; we will consider internal and external evidence for the truth of God’s Word in Genesis. We will learn principles of interpretation and useful Bible study methods. We’ll bolster both our confidence in God’s Word and our confidence to enter into conversations regarding the authority of God’s Word as we seek to bring “Light and Life for the City.”
    Led by Lloyd Herman

    God. Gifts. You.
    (6:15 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    Come discover more about your calling, listen to what God might be saying to you about your purpose in this season of your life, and find more meaning in your outside-of-church life.  Guided by the God.Gifts.You. workbook and accompanying teaching videos, you will dive deeply into Scripture, exploring many stories of calling, response, and giftedness.  You will take a spiritual gifts inventory and learn what your results mean. In a small group setting you will help each other gain clarity on motivations, interests, gifts, and commitments.  Weekly homework will help you go deeper in each area. Participants of past God.Gifts.You. classes have found the study “challenging,” “surprising,” “Biblically robust,” “most helpful,” and “just right.”  The God. Gifts. You. workbook by Shirley Giles Davis is available through Amazon.
    Led by Rochelle Bruhn

    Grounded and Growing in Grace: A study of the book of Ephesians
    (3:45 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    Our class will be studying the “Queen of the Epistles,” the “Crown of St. Paul’s writings,” the Epistle to the Ephesians. I think that we would all agree that knowledge without application falls far short of God’s true intention and desire for His children. Therefore…

    • We will exposit the first three chapters, a theological gold mine, displaying God’s power, purposes and promises for the church.
    • We will apply the final three chapters as a real-world, hands-on application of those theological truths in our everyday lives. 
    • We will explore the New Life we have in Christ, the New Society that God has planted in our world, the New Standards by which we are to live and the New Relationships God intends for us.
    • We will delve deeply into a theological, expositional, grammatical, practical and applicable study of this great epistle. 
    • We will break down the first three chapters of theological light and then the final three chapters of practical life, within this well-known epistle, in order to more fully equip us to be “Light and Life in the City.”  
      Led by Pat Hartsock

    Grounded and Growing in Grace: A study of the book of Ephesians (6:15 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    See description above.

    Healing Developmental Trauma
    (6:15 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    Trauma and day-to-day stress and distress can create survival patterns that inhibit healthy relationships with self, others and God. Goals of this workshop include discovering how to identify patterns that interfere with accomplishing relationship goals and learning how to break free of old, unhelpful behaviors.
    Led by Christie Lee, Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor


    Jesus, Be the Center: A Bible Study based on the French Confession (3:45 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    Based on the book written by Junior McGarrahan, we will explore how the articles of the French Confession help us to understand how Jesus is to the at the center of our lives. “Dietrich Bonhoeffer, in Creation and Fall, asks why the tree of the knowledge of good an evil, the tree with the forbidden fruit, should be placed in the center of the Garden of Eden. The reason, he concludes, is that this is where God belongs in our lives.” (Marguerite Shuster) During this study we will dive into the bible and into the Confession in order that we might grow in our understanding of the God who seeks to be at the center of our lives. The book is optional but costs $5 and will be available in class.
    Led by Junior McGarrahan

    Jesus, Be the Center: A Bible Study based on the French Confession (6:15 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    See description above.

    Membership (6:15 p.m., January 8 through February 19) Do you feel ready to put down roots in our community of faith? Our pastoral staff will help you explore your personal faith in Christ, the mission of First Pres and how the two intersect. Elders lead small groups through the sessions, and sharing our faith stories with one another is a key component of the course, which culminates in participants becoming members of First Pres.
    Led by Jennifer Holz

    New Elder Training (6:15 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    For those coming on Session for 2020, this will be a time to prepare for your new leadership role. Contact Heather Marsh for questions.
    Led by Tim McConnell

    Parenting The Love and Logic Way (6:15 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    This course provides easy-to-use techniques that help parents raise responsible children. We will offer tools and teaching on the importance of choices, a five-step problem-solving technique, fighting words vs. thinking words, listening skills, responsibility, chores, allowances and much more. Join us in the fun of raising children!
    Led by David and Susan Strehlow


    The Quest by Beth Moore (6:15 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    This study, with video, explores questions and responses from the Bible.  Learn to read and respond to Scripture. Whatever season you find yourself in, join with other women on this joy-filled experience as we study God’s Word together. The Quest Study Journal accompanying this study is available for purchase through Amazon or LifeWay.
    Led by Gael Wallace and Georgeann Hughes

    Sanctuary Choir (Every Wednesday, year around. 6:15 to 8 p.m., Adult Choir Room)

    The Sanctuary choir welcomes all who love to sing and praise God through worship. We enjoy singing a wide variety of music, not only for weekly worship services, but also for concert settings during the special seasons of the year. Led by our Minister of Worship and Music, Jim DeJarnette, this community of all ages enthusiastically prepares music and leads worship all the while gaining a depth of understanding of scripture through music.


    Songwriters’ Workshop (6:15 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    Join us to learn and practice writing songs for worship. We will learn about what worship music is and the added impact of raising up that music from our own community. If you have been thinking about writing a song, this is where you need to be. This workshop will help you find your voice and use your gifts to glorify God. It will encourage you as you work on completing at least one of the songs you have already begun. All ages are welcome.
    Led by Steve Alvarez


    Women Empowered (6:15 p.m., January 8 through February 19)
    We’re a multigenerational group of women who share our lives and our stories. It doesn’t matter where you are in life; if you are a woman looking for support through friendship and studying God’s Word together, this is the place for you. Join us for joy-filled fellowship.
    Led by Ruth Zschoche