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GTW Fall 2018 Class Descriptions

07.31.18 | GTW, Growing Together Wednesdays | by Ina Meyer

    GTW starts Wednesday, August 29, 2018.

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    Moving Along the Path Of Discipleship

    As you ask the Lord how He wants you to grow in this coming year, consider GTW a time to equip you on the journey of faith. What step is next for you on the path of discipleship? Each of the following classes is tagged with a description that can help you as you commit to your next steps.

    Getting Started (“gs” - first steps): Looking for a good place to begin? We’ve got you covered. As you explore your relationship with Christ, try these offerings.

    Going Deeper (“gd” - intermediate steps): You have been following Jesus for a little while, and you are ready for more.  As you grow closer to Christ, consider our “going deeper” offerings.

    All Stages (“as”): Wherever you are on the discipleship journey, these opportunities could be a great fit for you.

    These tags are provided simply to give more information about the content of the classes. Anyone is welcome to register for any class, unless otherwise specified. 

    Fall 2018 Classes

    Bible Journaling (Session 2, all nine weeks) (as)
    Learn to use your arts and crafts skills to dive deeper into Scripture with Bible Journaling. During this course, you can use a journal you’ve
    already started or make a new one. The first few weeks we’ll look at different materials and styles to allow you to find the type of Bible
    journal that best fits your skills and interests. No crafting or artistic experience required: All are welcome to this time of fellowship, crafting and growing in faith. Led by Lindsay Fox  Register

    Brass Ensemble (4:30 – 5:30 p.m., all nine weeks) (as)
    The First Pres Brass Ensemble is open to experienced adult and
    advanced high school brass players. This group performs in
    worship and seasonal activities September through May. Contact
    Steve Hock at 719-488-9791 or for
    further information.

    Divorce Recovery Workshop (Session 2, Aug. 29–Oct. 10)(as)
    This course is focused on issues people face as they go through divorce or the end of a serious relationship. The format includes presentations to the whole group followed by discussion in small groups facilitated by trained leaders. Registration is open for the first two classes only. Cost is $20.  This class is now closed.
    Led by Scott Heinz, Dee Martz, Butch Baker and Kendra Betts

    Doorways Covenant Partners (Membership) Class (Session 2, Aug. 29–Sept. 26) (gs)
    Do you feel ready to put down roots in our community of faith? Our pastoral staff will help you explore the essentials of the faith, affirm the Scriptures as our foundation, discover the distinctives of First Pres and learn how to connect to the life of the church. Small group leaders will
    guide you through the sessions. Becoming a Covenant Partner (Member) will enable you to live out your faith in intentional community and mission.  Register
    Led by Jennifer Holz and other First Pres pastors

    Doctrine for Dummies (Session 2, all nine weeks) (gd)
    Have you ever longed for a cheat sheet when explaining your faith to friends or coworkers? Would you like to learn more about why we believe what we believe? Did you know that our denomination has a well-defined statement of the most important elements of what we believe that you can easily reference for moments such as these? Come join us as we walk through ECO’s Essential Tenets and explore the foundations of our faith.  Register
    Led by Dorothy Alvarez and Maddie du Breuil

    Experiencing God (Session 2, all nine weeks) (gd)
    Do you want to experience God in a more personal way? Do you wonder what God’s will for your life looks like? These and other topics will be explored with a like-minded community using the Seven Realities of Experiencing God teachings by Blackaby Ministries International. The workbook can be ordered from Blackaby Ministries at www.blackabystore.orgRegister
    Led by Steve Hood

    Faith In Film (Sessions 1 & 2, all nine weeks) (as)
    Stories can change our lives. Just think of the power in the story that the prophet Nathan told David: It caused David to realize his moral guilt and repent. Jesus told stories all the time. His stories
    focused on the everyday things of life, and they caused his listeners to change their lives. Novels have caused changes in government policies. Stories matter, and in our day and age the stories that people tell are on the big screen. In this class, we will be looking at a number of films based on books. We will be asking, “As Christians, what can we learn from these films?” “How can these films help us be an effective influence for Christ?” This is a class to which you can invite your friends and neighbors. For more information and a list of books and films
    visit www.first-pres.org/storylist.  Register
    Led by Junior McGarrahan and Matt Fox

    Financial Peace University (Session 2, all nine weeks) (as)
    Make a plan for your future, one step at a time—whether you’re 18 or 70, single or married—using biblical financial principles to manage money. We’ll apply these principles to customize your plan from an emergency fund to retirement, and everything in between. You can register and buy your membership kits online at www.fpu.com/1066205.  **It takes a week to receive your kit in the mail so order soon!
    Led by Louise Carlson

    Healing Developmental Trauma (Session 2, *Session 1 is cancelled*, Aug. 29-Oct. 10) (as)
    Trauma and day-to-day stress and distress can create survival patterns that inhibit healthy relationships with self, others and God. Goals of this workshop include discovering how to identify patterns that interfere with accomplishing relationship goals and learning how to break free
    of old, unhelpful behaviors.  Register
    Led by Christie Lee, Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed
    Professional Counselor

    Hymns for Christian Living (Session 1, all nine weeks) (as)
    For thousands of years, throughout the life of the church, hymns have been a means of worship, a source of comfort and a method of learning Biblical truth. We will study the lives of the authors and composers, the stories of how the hymns came to be written as well as the Biblical content of each hymn. We will see how hymns shape our faith. Come with your Bible, a pen or pencil and be ready to sing!  This class is now full.
    Led by Dale McClure 

    Knowing Christ Truly: A Study of the Book of Colossians (Sessions 1 & 2, all nine weeks) (gd)
    The Apostle Paul wrote lovingly to a church he had not visited, but which exemplified the best of his ambitions and hopes for sharing the Gospel and growing in faith. However, within this community there emerged a significant challenge to the understanding of Jesus as Lord, which was ironically represented to them as “The True Knowledge.” Elements of this corrupt teaching spread to many communities of the early church and still influence the thinking of some today. A majority of the New Testament authors addressed this error in their Gospels and letters. So what do you “know” about Jesus the Christ? How does your understanding affect the way you live your life of faith? These are some of the topics we will explore with the guidance of the Apostle Paul as he
    leads us to a fuller experience of the glory of the Cosmic Christ!  Register
    Led by Dave Freehling

    Model for Healthy Living (Session 1, all nine weeks) (as)
    Interested in a journey toward the wholeness God wants for us? This class will focus on tools to help improve whole-person health and
    wellness—physical, spiritual and emotional.  Sessions include Faith Life, Relationships, Movement Exercises, Fall Prevention, Emotional
    Health, Nutrition and Medication Management.  The workbook Model For Healthy Living will be provided at cost of $5.00.  Register
    Led by Arlene Bosma and the Health Cabinet

    Parenting the Love and Logic Way (Session 2, Aug. 29–Sept. 26) (as)
    Easy-to-use techniques that will help you raise responsible children who are fun to be around! Cost is $30. Register
    Led by David and Susan Strehlow

    Pathway of Discipleship – men and women (Session 1, all nine weeks) (gd)
    In a deep and practical study of discipleship centered in the Gospel of John and the epistle of Ephesians, this course will study discipleship categories contained within and compared between these books. Our goal will be to discover how to move to greater maturity and effectiveness as disciples of Jesus Christ, specifically reflecting Pastor Tim’s archetypes, “Worshiper,” “Disciple” and “Active Disciple.” One goal for this class will be for us to emerge as steadfast, committed,
    sold-out disciples of Jesus. Each class will include teaching,
    table discussion, memory verses and homework to deepen
    our walk as Christ-centered disciples.  Register
    Led by Pat Hartsock

    Pathway of Discipleship – A Study for Men (Session 2, all nine weeks) (gd)
    In a deep and practical study of discipleship centered in the Gospel of John and the epistle to the Ephesians, this course will study paradigms of discipleship found in these Scriptures. What relational needs, trials and tribulations can we, as men, investigate in order to move to greater maturity and effectiveness as disciples of Jesus Christ? One goal for this class will be for us to emerge as steadfast, committed, soldout disciples of Jesus. Each class will include teaching, table discussion, memory verses and homework to deepen our walk as Christ-centered disciples.  Register
    Led by Pat Hartsock

    The Sanctuary Choir (Every Wednesday, year-round. 6:15 to 8 p.m., Adult Choir Room) (as)
    The Sanctuary Choir welcomes all who love to praise God through singing. We enjoy singing a wide variety of music, not only for
    weekly worship services, but also for concert settings during the special seasons of the year.  Led by our Minister of Worship and Music, Jim DeJarnette, this community of all ages enthusiastically prepares music and leads worship, while gaining a depth of understanding of Scripture through music.  Call the music office at 884-6172 to register.

    Tech-Wise Family (Session 2, all nine weeks) (as)
    We are inundated with digital media that invades every aspect of our lives—our meals together, family visits and our rhythms as we react to every little alert. The technology that allows these disruptions is truly remarkable, but how are we to make choices about how and when to use these electronic tools? During our time together, we will have opportunities to share our challenges and to explore ways of taming technology for the good of our relationships, our worship and our work. We will be using Andy Crouch’s The Tech-Wise Family as a basis for our conversation. The Tech-Wise Family is available at Amazon.com and a detailed summary can be found at hereThis class is cancelled.
    Led by Heather Bauman and Kirk Cherry

    Women Empowered (Session 2, all nine weeks) (as)
    We’re a a multigenerational group of women who share our lives and our stories. It doesn’t matter where you are in life; if you are a woman looking for support through friendship and studying God’s Word together, this is the place for you. Each week, using the Scripture passages from the Fall sermon series, we will be discussing what it
    means for Jesus to be Lord of our lives. Come and join us for joy-filled fellowship.  Register
    Led by Ruth Zschoche


    Wednesday night Life Groups

    Katie Fowler and Sara Lee – Intergenerational Group

    A sermon-based Life Group meeting Wednesday nights during
    GTW, 6:15-7:45 p.m. Connect with folks from different generations
    as we seek to learn and live the way of Jesus together.  **This group is now full**

    Shelley McBride and Michelle Swanson – All Adult Group

    Sometimes discipleship is likened to an ‘apprenticeship’ with
    Jesus—spending time with Him to become like Him and live
    like He lived. But is that really possible? How does that happen?
    We’ll consider this together using the book The Good and
    Beautiful God: Falling in love with the God Jesus knows. It
    explores our images of God and provides opportunities for ‘soul
    training’ through simple practices that make space for God’s
    presence and work in your everyday life. The group will require
    about an hour of preparation each week and $10 for the book.  **This group is now full**

    Greg and Heather Sharp – Families Group
    A sermon-based family Life Group meeting Wednesday nights
    during GTW 6:15-7:45 p.m. Your kids can enjoy GTW Kids
    while we meet. We’ll plan a couple of whole-family gatherings
    and a service project to foster our families’ ministry and sense
    of community.  Register

    For more Life Groups that meet on other days, visit