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High School

First Pres High School Ministry Online

This summer God is on the move and so are we! Throughout the summer we are focusing on where God is on the move by growing in our faith individually, in community, and as a family! While this summer will look different than most, we can't wait to see what God will do.


Join us for our 4th week of "In the Fog"!

Small Group Questions

  1. Put yourself in the woman’s position— what would she be thinking and feeling?

  2. What do we see about the disciples in this passage?

  3. What do we see about Jesus?

  4. Have you ever had a time when you felt hopeless? Was your hope restored? How?

  5. What stories can you remember when you feel like you’re in a fog— both from the Bible and from your own life? (If you don’t answer any other question, focus on this one!)

  6. What is it about God that allows us to find hope in him?

Online Small Groups

Are you looking to get connected this summer? Check out our Online Small Groups! Throughout the summer, meet up with students your age and awesome volunteer leaders to hang out, play games and grow together in faith.

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Summer Devo Guides

We all need time with God; even Jesus did! This summer we are challenging each other to spend time with God every day to know Him more and experience His love more. 

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Heather Green

Associate of High School Ministries


With You and For You

First Pres High School Ministry exists to connect students and their families with caring adult leaders who walk alongside them through High School and beyond. High School can be a time with so much change and exploration. Because of that, we hope to be a consistent space for students to be known and loved as they ask big questions about life and faith. 

Scripture Reflections from Students Like You

Small Groups

High School students matter, and Small Groups are a place made just for them to be known and loved for who they are. Small Groups create an environment to be silly, ask questions and have good conversations about life and faith with other students and loving leaders. Have more questions or want to get connected? Reach out to Heather Green at

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