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First Pres Foundation

In 2008, the First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs Foundation was established to house the endowment funds generously given to First Pres throughout its history. Each year, payouts from these funds underwrite ministry above and beyond the church operating budget: 

  • Seminary scholarships
  • Student Ministries Scholarships for Camps and Missions trips
  • Training for future church leaders
  • Gifts to our local and global mission partners

The First Pres Foundation is governed by a Board elected from the congregation, the Session and the Trustees. Foundation Funds are Managed by the Texas Presbyterian Foundation


Stories about the Work of the First Pres Foundation
Ways to Give to The First Pres Foundation
Assets You Can Give to the First Pres Foundation

To inquire about giving to First Pres or to the First Pres Foundation, contact Alison Murray.