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Is It Possible?

Posted by Tim McConnell on

This week we will come to the table of Communion and close our series on Psalm 40 that we have called Unstuck. God knows life gets hard. We find ourselves in stuck places again and again, unable to move forward and unable to reverse out of the mess we are in. What do we do when we feel stuck? We...

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Snow Day

Posted by Tim McConnell on

Snow day…in May! Unbelievable, but not totally foreign to life in Colorado Springs. I blame Katie Fowler actually. If you remember, Pastor Katie opened our Unstuck series with a story about getting stuck in the snow while driving when she first moved here. I couldn’t help but...

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Everybody Needs a Hand

Posted by Tom Pipkin on

When I lived in Oregon, I used to love skiing on Mount Hood. This volcanic mountain has snow on it all year, and during ski season it is known to receive massive amounts of snow in short periods of time. One of the places I loved to ski was in an area that is famous for having deep snow that...

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As the Rain and Snow Fall

Posted by Jennifer Holz on

As we prepare to enter the month of May, it’s good to get one final April snowfall on the ground! I’m reminded today of Isaiah’s words (55:10-11): “As the rain and snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth…so is my word...

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