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Come Holy Spirit

Posted by Tim McConnell on

This Sunday is called Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost is an ancient festival, a celebration of the people of God giving thanks for God's Word, the Scriptures. "Pente-" refers to the five first books of the Bible. As the people celebrated the Word of God, as they devoted themselves joyfully to the...

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Tags: bible, holy spirit, revival, donations, pentecost sunday, first pres, crossfire ministries

Money Freedom

Posted by Tim McConnell on

Free money or money free? What does financial freedom look like? Jesus had a lot to say about money. It wasn't the money He cared about, but its ability to capture our hearts. One shift we need to make to host Revival is to shift from Indebted to Investing, or, you might say from...

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Tags: jesus, revival, survey, investing, joe sangl, eblast, first pres foundation, covid-19, injoy stewardship solutions, financial help + hope

To the Graduates

Posted by Tim McConnell on

Dear Graduating Class of 2020, The day has come. All your hard work is about to reach conclusion. It’s time to graduate. We don’t know exactly what that day is going to look like for you. Every generation faces its own challenges. Yours is to walk proudly through your graduation...

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Tags: revival, seniors, martin luther king jr., eblast, first pres fellows

A Certain Future

Posted by Tim McConnell on

Who can predict the future? Who knows what tomorrow holds? In the same hour of news this morning I heard predictions ranging from "Things will start getting back to normal next month" to "We will not have large gatherings until December 2021"! On the same news channel! Never has the saying...

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Tags: jesus, easter, revival, life after death, eblast