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First Pres Blog


Posted by Tim McConnell on

There are many graduations between the cradle and the career. You graduate out of diapers. You graduate preschool. (I bumped into a friend in the hall whose son is graduating from our First Pres Preschool later this week. It’s emotional!) You graduate from elementary school and from middle...

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Think Orange

Posted by Tom Pipkin on

Great Things Happen when Church and Family Partner Together  How much time do you have with your kids in the morning before school or in the evening at bedtime? How much time do you spend in the car driving your kids to school, sports, band or other events? How much...

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Growing in Christ through MOPS

Posted by Ruth Zschoche on

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is a place where the partnership between church and home plays out in multiple dimensions. Seasoned moms with empty nests encourage and teach young moms who are in various places on the journey to and with Christ. Those moms, in turn, encourage one another and gain...

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Everybody Needs a Hand

Posted by Tom Pipkin on

When I lived in Oregon, I used to love skiing on Mount Hood. This volcanic mountain has snow on it all year, and during ski season it is known to receive massive amounts of snow in short periods of time. One of the places I loved to ski was in an area that is famous for having deep snow that...

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