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Life Groups: Pray For Each Other

Posted by Katie Fowler on

So, what exactly is a Life Group? I get that question a lot.

Here’s how we talk about Life Groups: they are smaller communities where we are known by name, pray meaningfully for one another, trust one another enough to speak Scripture into each other’s lives and live out our faith together.

Let’s focus on the second part of that definition: a smaller community where you pray meaningfully for one another.

Has anyone ever asked you how you are doing, and you reflexively say, “I am good. How are you?” Maybe I should rephrase that. Forget "have you ever." Better question: how many times today has that happened? We do it all the time, right? Passing by someone, running to a meeting, food in our mouth, we quickly respond, “I am good. How are you?”

Your day could be a nightmare, you could be falling apart. Or maybe you are doing amazing and a really exciting thing just happened to you. But what comes out of your mouth? “I am good.”

No details, no real life. Just a quick answer.

Life Groups are less about rushing by people and more about actually sitting down with people. Actually sharing what is going on in your life. Does it take time to build trust and feel comfortable with one another?  Absolutely. There isn’t really a drive-thru option on this one. But here is what we hope: that Life Groups will provide that space to get to know each other—to know what is going on in each other’s lives.

And to pray. To pray for one another.

I am so grateful for friends in my life who ask me how I am doing and really want to know. Who consider it an honor to pray with me in the midst of real life stuff. Because it isn’t just about me and my friend. We are concretely aware (well, some of the time, at least) that God is present with us.

So we share life together, but in a much larger sense, we share it with God. We get to bring our life—our whole life—before God. The beautiful parts of life, and the messy parts and the downright ugly parts. And as you pray for me—as you pray with me—you actually help me do that.

It’s our life with God, bringing our whole selves before Jesus.

I think of those friends who brought their buddy to Jesus (check out the story in Mark 2). Their friend was paralyzed, and they were carrying him to Jesus. Whatever it took, they wanted their friend to see Jesus. So they made an opening in the roof and lowered him down. Right to Jesus.

That’s friendship. That’s something of what it’s like to pray meaningfully for one another.

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