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Hasta Luego - High School Dominican Trip

Posted by Laura Mueller on

A team of 12 will be in the Dominican Republic June 2-11.

This year will mark the 6th year for our High School Ministry to serve in the Dominican Republic in partnership with YL Expeditions. Since our partnership began, we have been able to see how God continues to use Pico Escondido, the only Young Life camp in the Caribbean, to introduce youth to Christ and His love for them. We have done everything from digging a hole to put in a pool to painting railings and buildings, building a gazebo and even carrying rocks! This year we'll help to make a strong foundation for a future dining hall and dorm rooms.

This trip will be an incredible opportunity for our high school students to get out of their comfort zones, build relationships with God’s people from another part of the world, form friendships with their own team members and see the incredible ways that God is moving and transforming the people in the Dominican.

Team Members:

Ally Quadhamer
Bryce Hunter
Jack Harrell
Peter Lark
Tobin Morse (leader)
Preston Moskal
Laura Mueller (leader)
Maggie Mulder
Reese Nilsen
Tom Pipkin (leader)
Ryan Stedman
Reed Vaughan

Prayer Requests:
  • Safe travels and good health
  • Positive, encouraging attitudes
  • Good team dynamic and bonding
  • Language barriers to not be a hindrance
  • Flexibility, as we know things don’t always work out the way we planned
  • Strength, endurance and good rest as we will be working hard
  • For old relationships to grow and new ones to be formed 

To keep up with what we are doing while on our trip follow hsmfirstpres on Instagram or go to www.instagram.com/hsmfirstpres.

Blast from the Past – Photos from Previous Trips



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