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God Inspired Creativity

Posted by Todd Naevestad on

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Those who say Christians shut off their brains need look no farther than the Narthex to see how creative Christians can be. The art displayed for our Lenten series is a tour de force for Christians' ability to express themselves.

(Come One and All by Barbara Blankinship)

God opens the floodgates of creativity in us. He helps us refine the talents He gave us in the first place.

(Conversations by Val Purswell)

The heart and passion behind art is not unknown to Christians. I would even venture to guess that we sometimes feel it more strongly than the others can because of our connection to God, Who inspires our passion.

(The Reality Beyond by Kathi Bubeck)


There's no denying that creativity is as much a part of Christianity as prayer and worship. The church helps to foster the creative spark in those who embrace it and give them opportunities, such as our Lenten series, to praise God through art and creation.

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