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Give Back the Blessing: Meet Togoo and Ebe

Posted by Laura Mueller on

Meet Togoo and his wife Ebe. They have been married for nine years and have weathered struggles and challenges just like any other couple. 

They are among the first Homebuilders couples group leaders trained by Mongolia Campus Crusade for Christ. They're leading a group so that they can share their growth experiences with other couples and help them to grow in their relationships and families. They are especially focused on military families through the Centurions ministry. 

Togoo and Ebe sent us this video to share how they have seen fruit from their Homebuilders group. Watch it to learn about the value they've found in community, the necessity of God's Word and the power of honest communication for building families centered around Christ.


You can support couples like Togoo and Ebe in Mongolia by designating "Give Back the Blessing" when you give in worship or online this Palm Sunday, March 25.


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