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Don't Follow Your Heart

Posted by Todd Naevestad on

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The prevailing wisdom of the world is to follow your heart. The heart will tell you what you desire and what you should seek out. Whether it is a job, a hobby or a person, our heart is supposed to tell us what's right. But we all know how fickle our desires can be. What satisfies us now may bore us in a month. We can't trust where our desires are leading us. That's where we need God to be Lord of our desires. He knows what is good and what will enrich our lives. We must focus on letting Him rule our desires.

Minister of Worship and Music Jim DeJarnette has outlined this idea in the hymn of response for our sanctuary services this week. Take some time to read through the lyrics and reflect on turning over your desires to God. Then join us on Sunday to sing this song and hear Lead Pastor Tim McConnell preach on Exodus 20:14 and making Jesus central to all our desires.

“King of My Heart, and Lord of My Desires”

King of my heart, and Lord of my desires,
    Rule over every passion of my life.
Lead me to walk in ways Your love requires:
    All glory and honor, to God the Father!

No other gods obscuring what is right;
    Rule over every passion of my life.
Humbly content within Your guiding light:
    All glory and honor, to God the Father!

How great the myst’ry; covenant divine:
    Ruling o’er every passion of my life.
Claimed by Your love, You call out, “you are mine!”
    All glory and honor, to God the Father!

Words: James DeJarnette; tune: Sine Nomine

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