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America's Dark Theologian

Posted by Matt Fox on

Do you like scary stories? When I was in College (at the Biblical Institute of Los Angeles, no less) and it came time to pick a senior thesis, I landed on what I thought was a novel approach. I wanted to explore the genesis of slasher films. While I was quite excited, my professor was less...

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Tags: discipleship, revelation, adults, gtw

Life Groups: A New Opportunity for Community

Posted by Katie Fowler on

Community. We want it. We were made for it. But it can feel hard to come by. When you find it? Oh, how sweet it is! At First Pres, we believe in the goodness of community. In the goodness of following Jesus together—of pursuing growth and transformation in the company of others. And we...

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Tags: discipleship, life groups, small groups

Guided Reflection for Holy Week

Posted by Rhea Patton on

Today's Holy Week service was a guided experience of actively reading and reflecting on Scripture and intentionally preparing our hearts for this week's remembrances of crucifixion and resurrection. Whether you attended or not, you can carry this practice throughout Holy Week by following the...

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Tags: easter, holy week, lent, scripture study