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A Creative Look at the Cross Journey - Session 2

Posted by Laura Mueller on

A Creative Look at the Cross Journey GTW class

Station II: Judas Betrayed Jesus

 Peter, James and John fail Jesus during a time of agony in the Garden of Gethsemane. Blood seeps from Jesus’ pores, his duress apparent - yet the three disciples fall asleep again and again. And then there were four disciples in the garden. John, James, and Peter awaken to Judas' arrival with the Pharisees and temple guards to arrest Jesus.



"Fight, strike with the sword!" "No sword?" "Jesus, you will die!" "You're healing him?"

"What have I done?"

"I slept?" "I slept!" “Not this way!” “No!”

"I betrayed him!"

"Judas - you betrayed him!"

"Jesus you will die!" "Jesus, stop this! Jesus you will die!"

"What, you're going with them?"

"What did you do?"

"Why won't you defend yourself?"

"Jesus you will die! Why are you going? Where are you going?"

"How can this be the will of God?" "How can this be the way, be right?"

"I betrayed him." “He is…innocent…What...have.…I....done?”

A cacophony of agony!


The questions about Judas abound. Why betray Christ? Did he ever truly know Jesus? Yet the looming tragedy of Judas is his lack of belief in the depth of God's redemptive love. Judas states his sin to the Pharisees, which absolves nothing; tosses the money on the stone floor, wanders further from God towards abject darkness and ends his life in absolute despair. Judas’ sin ruptures his faith’s remaining roots, he doesn’t just miss Jesus, and he severs his ties to everything.

 The disciples, Judas, included, at the time do not understand the crucifixion as more than their and Jesus' undoing. They do not understand it as their and our deliverance. We have the choice to withhold belief or parts of ourselves, or to see events as our complete undoing or to allow Jesus to be the glue, to hold on, for Jesus to be the resurrection. Do we bring our whole selves, the entirety of our sin and brokenness to Christ, Alpha and Omega, fully human, Fully God? Equally challenging, do we believe that those we treat as other, as our ‘Judases’ of the world with "hearts of stone", can be healed, washed, restored and redeemed by God with gut-wrenching, scales dropping, eye tearing, volcanic awe-inspiring, earth-shaking, eternal love. God's mercies start new each day with redemptive love beyond human measure.

Join then on Wednesday in Room 312 as they continue exploring multi-media art while looking at Station III: The Sanhedrin judges Jesus.