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100 Day Countdown - CityServe Weekend 2018

Posted by Laura Mueller on

We are just 100 days away from another CityServe Weekend! 

Important Update: A Merger of Unity 

In January 2018, the leadership of COSILoveYou and CityServe merged to form one cohesive voice and expression of service, unity and love for Colorado Springs. With the momentum and heart of the newly established non-profit, COSILoveYou, what was CityServe is now CityServe Weekend, an event organized by COSILoveYou with the love and support of many congregations in the Springs, including First Pres! 

What can you expect during CityServe Weekend 2018?

You can expect the same heart, the same evening of worship, and the same day of service as years past. Congregations from across the city will gather together on Friday, October 5, for Citywide Worship at Discovery Church to worship as One body.

After we get down on our knees for worship, on Saturday, October 6, we will get down on our knees to love our city and serve as the Body coming together for CityServe Day

What can you do now?
  1. Mark your calendars!

  2. Invite others! Start that conversation with your family, friends, co-workers, small group, Sunday community, neighbors, etc.

  3. Sign up for a service spot! Online signups will begin on July 10.

  4. Pray for God's people to be used in mighty ways.

  5. Start serving now! There are plenty of opportunities to serve in our city continually. It can make CityServe Day even sweeter!

Contact the Mission Engagement department at 884-6233 or email  for any questions, comments, or to find out opportunities to begin serving. 

Check out Citywide Worship and CityServe Day from last year!


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