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With You and For You

Whether you're navigating faith conversations or figuring our what it means to do school at home, we are all in this together.

We've got a brand new kids series: Upside Down

This month we are talking about Upside Down. When Jesus came, He turned everything in the world “upside-down.” Next week is Easter! So this week we are getting ready for it and what Jesus did. Jesus not only paid for our sins, but He also rose from death to live again. We celebrate His empty tomb? What we have to talk about today—or any day—is Jesus and how much He loves us. I hope each and every one of us will remember that.

God has known and loved YOU since the beginning of time. Since long before you were born, He knew that you, me, all of us would make mistakes and try to live our own way without Him. So Jesus entered the world to turn everything right again.

For Students

Students, we totally understand that this time can be overwhelming and chaotic; what does God say about seasons like this and what can we do? Take some time to pray as a family, whether it’s for peace or for people who might be struggling with illness. This is a great time to remember that God is good and in control. 
1. What are some main things you remember being worried about in the past?
2. Of those, which ones do you remember ending up fine? Which ones did turn out to be a problem? 
3. In the last week, what have you been worried about the most?
4. What do you think it would look like to “surrender” those worries to God?
Take some time to share what you are thankful for and asking for. Then pray for those things together.


Game for the Whole Family

Embark on a journey with the whole family! It’s a perfect way to trick your kids into learning geography while they learn how to research. The game starts by dropping you off at any location in the world viewed through Google street view. Players use context clues and the internet to research their location. The closer you are to the correct location, the more points you get.

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Schooling at Home

A 26-minute podcast offering tips about what to say to kids when the news is scary.

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Schooling at Home

Resources for schooling at home (activities for K-9th grade).

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Cosmic Kids Yoga
Join Jamie as she teaches kids to become stronger, calmer and wiser by telling stories that incorporate basic yoga moves. Kids exercise by swimming under the sea, avoiding sharks, going through seaweed and swim like jellyfish. Best for younger kids, 7 and under. 

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From the creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vincher, this offers church at home activities for you and your kids to watch together.

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School at Home

Scholastic Learning

Jump into Scholastic's collection of online learning activities for preschool through kindergarten

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Reading Resources

Everyday Reading

Former children's librarian Janseen Brandshaw curates a list of resources tied to reading through audio books, games for preschoolers and a list of authors providing virtual story-time or art lessons.

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Art Prompts

Cosmic Art

Engage children's imagination through downloadable art activities.

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Virtually Tour a Museum 

Online Tours

Take a virtual tour of famous museums from your couch.

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