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Michael Thornton

Michael Thornton

Pastor of Discipleshipoffice: 719-884-6105

What do you like about First Pres? 

WITNESS: I love being a part of a team committed to faithfully witnessing to the salvation-bringing grace of God offered to all through faith in Jesus. It is a joy to belong to a church family that is strategically located downtown with a purpose to be “Light and Life for the City.” Stepping into a role that seeks to make disciples while sharing the best news of all, that through Jesus we have peace with God, is a dream come true for me.  

DOCTRINE: At First Pres, we celebrate that we are “Faithfully Reformed and Evangelically Relevant.” I cherish being able to belong to both a congregation and a denomination that strives every day to live under the authority of the Word of God, the Bible. We believe that to this end lies the most exciting, rewarding life possible. Living according to the desires of God brings God glory and brings us joy. As my alma mater, Denver Seminary, likes to put it, "Here is no unanchored liberalism, freedom to think without commitment. Here is no encrusted dogmatism, commitment without freedom to think. Here is a vibrant evangelicalism, commitment with freedom to think within the limits laid down in Scripture," (Dr. Vernon Grounds). Welcome to First Pres, a truly wonderful place and an anchored place to walk with God and others through all seasons of life!

COMMUNITY: We are committed to building vibrant, authentic Christian Community and the opportunity to participate in this life-giving endeavor as the Pastor of Discipleship brings a smile to my heart and face each and every day. I sincerely hope that wherever you’re reading this bio (and whatever season of life you find yourself in) you feel the warmest of invitations from us in the First Pres family to stop by and, as the Psalmist says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good!” There’s a community here waiting to welcome you home and walk with you through the adventure of life. Be with us and never walk alone.

Where can people find you?

My office is located within the Executive Suite and my time is split 50/50 between my office and being out in the community. In my office, most of my time is used to study, research and communicate online. When I am out in the community, I am usually networking with the explicit purpose of strengthening the INCREDIBLE community that God has been shaping here for almost 150 years. I’d love to meet you and hear your story; please track me down on a Sunday at church or email me to set up a time to connect 1-on-1.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

It is a joy to be a dad of two boys and a husband to my wife, Cassie. Cassie is an Occupational Therapist, currently serving the pediatric population in home health.  Cassie and I love to adventure together in the mountains with our boys! Some of our favorite adventures have found us backpacking in Denali, summiting Half Dome with our first son when he was a baby, and riding a tandem road bicycle together through some of the Colorado mountains while training and completing Ride the Rockies, The Triple Bypass and the Hill Climb up Pike’s Peak. Cassie and I are also big soccer fans, having both played in college.