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Lydia Lockhart

Lydia Lockhart

Pastor of Mission Engagementoffice: 719-884-6109

Been at First Pres since: Interned in 2017, was installed as Mission Engagement Pastor in 2018.

What do you like about First Pres? 

Located in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, First Pres has a long history of compassionate care for our city. Over 30 years ago we collaborated with other downtown churches to found Ecumenical Social Ministries (ESM), a resource center for neighbors who are low-income and/or experiencing homelessness. In addition, many of our members have founded and serve with non-profits that share the love of Jesus through meeting physical needs, building relationships and empowering people to live into their fullest potential.

Our legacy of participating in international missions is also long and rich. We have developed relationships with local leaders of churches and non-profits in Mongolia, Cuba, Egypt and Guatemala. In our global engagement trips, we take the posture of learners. We believe God is already at work in the nations we visit, and we seek to provide strong support and encouragement to the holistic ministries of our partners.

To top it off, when you come to First Pres you’ll find a welcoming family. Granted, we are a big family, but we want you to get plugged in and find a place where you can belong, be known and serve along with us.

Where can people find you?

Trick question. My office is on the first floor of the main church building. When you enter from Weber through the sliding glass doors, go up the stairs to your right (past the welcome desk), and my office is in the suite to the left. That’s where I am based during the week.

If I’m not there, most likely I am meeting up with a community partner around town or I’m abroad on an international trip.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I love running, learning languages and hanging out with friends—whether that’s on a hike, over an excellent cup of craft coffee or basically any other excuse to simply be together.